Thursday, January 14, 2010


Welcome to the Anipal Pawty Capital of the World!

In honor of that ol' Hounddog himself

We hope to present you some fabulous cookies, and you won't have to lose your dog collar to enjoy them! So, come on into the Lounge, we've turned all the Lights in Wag Vegas on for you!

In the Wag Vegas tradition we hope to present you some fabulous Dessert Buffet items. Please enjoy as many as you would like! While your sampling the cookies, be sure and play the Jukebox over in the sidebar, or any of the videos.

"A Hundred Years From Now" no one will know how many pieces of Chocolate Raspberry Cake we ate!

"Blueberry Hill" Chocolate Mousse ~ I found my thrill! Comes with a Limited Edition Banana Poker Chip

"Tender is the Night" Chocolate Bacon Heart. Enough for two to share!

"Can't Help Falling In Love" with all of these Tuna, Nip, and Bacon Treats!

"I Want You, I Need You, I Love You", an apple shortcake for those wanting a walk on the less "Wild Side." Apples, Pecans, and a tasty cinnamon sauce. Oh, and a little bit of whipped nip cream!

Bacon Cherry "Fame and Fortune" Cookies. With fresh cherries, and a guarantee of good luck to come!

"You Ain't Nothin' But a HoundDog" Chocolate Bacon Bully Sticks
Or, for our feathered friends there are lemon corn stalks!
A great Platter to share with friends.

"Frankie and Johnny", a combination of two opposites!
A candied cherry and some lemon nip sorbet.

"Now And Then,There's A Fool Such as I" For you anipals that lose your head here in Wag Vegas, we have a beautiful selection of cakes. Your choice of flavors, Bacon, Tuna, Nip or Fruit.  Please give us a fifteen minute warning!

For those who probably need a wake-up call before proceeding down the aisle, we might suggest this little beauty. Remember what happens in Wag Vegas, stays in Wag Vegas. Last minute cancellations cheerfully accepted!

And, for those left "Crying in The Chapel", your bouquet is 100% edible by our Rabbit and Hamster friends!

Hey! Wait a minute! Dolly, that was last week's pawpawty theme! We need a cookie here to go with "Long Tall Sally"   You have one? Ah, yes! The Long Tall Sally Cotton Candy and Cookie Platter

Now, that's more like it! With Bacon Carmel Popcorn and Coconut  Tuna Nip Snowballs! We're all ready to watch an Elvis Movie!  What's your favorite?

When you are ready for a little break from all the bright lights, you can go "Down By the Riverside", and visit the Hoover Dam.             An amazing site, it took five years to build starting in 1930. It is over 726 ft tall and was the first structure to contain more masonry than the Great Pyramid at Giza.

There are Daily tours, or you can take a boat trip up the Colorado River, or even a helecopter ride!

And "Anyplace Is Paradise"as long as you bring along some of our wonderful Bacon or Nip Sourdough Bread!

Or, if you prefer, take along some of these "Blue River" Tuna Cookies.

When you return to Wag Vegas be sure and stop by the "Fountain of Love" Chocolate fountain. A variety of Fruits, Bacon and Nip cookies await your dipping pleasure.

When you get ready to go to dinner,please remember to visit our sister #pawpawty site, the Jaba Jazz Bar and eCafe . Having peeked in the kitchen, I know there are some wonderful noms and drinks to be had over there.

As we all relax in our beautiful suites, enjoying a Wag Vegas sunset, please remember the animals in Haiti. The pawpawty donation widget is up at the top of the page for you convenience. Please help if you can, even a dollar can make a difference

Is it time to see a show? Maybe we should all go to The Cathouse!

Dolly says the show there is excellent ! And that she knows several of the dancers! I wonder who they are? They do look awfully familar!

The "Devil in Disguise"?

When you get back,try a little piece of Heaven, our "Tutti Frutti" Peach Melba, made with a special Coconut Sponge Cake and just a touch of Stardust we borrowed from @Chattemuse

I bet I "Could I Fall in Love" Key Lime Tart, or "I don't have a Wooden Heart" Black Forest Cake and several other little tasty fruit treats!

"Burning Love" mini Baked Alaska with a Blackberry Ice Cream center and a flaming fruit and nip sauce

OK, maybe it's time to go check out the lights and shows! Just ask for a big basket of "Beginner's Luck" cookies and treats to take along!

There are even some more Limited Edition Banana Poker Chips ~ these cool dudes might bring you Luck! But "I Wonder, I Wonder, I Wonder!" which one's the Joker!?!

Don't you be steppin' on my "Blue Suede Shoes", nor miss nibblin' on these Blueberry, Banana Oatmeal cookies!

We hope you are having a grand time at the Viva Wag Vegas pawpawty. But don't end up behind bars in Twitter Jail,or you'll be doing the "Jailhouse Rock"!

We hope you have had a wonderful time here at the Cookie Cafe.
Thanks to everyone who participates in our Pawpawties, and thanks to everyone who was able to donate this time to help the animals in Haiti.
You can donate at @FrugalDougal's site, The Jaba Jazz Bar & eCafe, or in our sidebar at the top of the page.

Thanks once again "For the Good Times",
@flicka47 and @Marshallsheldon

Monday, January 4, 2010

Welcome back to the #DUDEFEST Cookie Cafe!!

Happy Birthday Hank!!

Our friend @HanktheDoggy is celebrating his 10th birthday!
 What better way to do so than a Dudefest pawty!

So, what kind of cookies do you find along the Dogamigo River?
Bacon, Bacon, and more Bacon!
Oh, and beer, and beans, and cheeseburgers and dogs!
Even the non Dogs and Dudes will find a cookie to their tastes;
most guaranteed to produce belches, burps, and farts!
And somewhere in the back corner of the cafe I bet we'll find a jug or two of
Pierre's Bacon Hooch!

So bring your cigars, and hip flasks, if ya got 'em.
 The fancy table clothes are put away, sawdust is on the floor. The peanuts, popcorn, deviled eggs, ashtrays, and spitoons are in their place.The Jukebox is turned up loud over there in the sidebar. There's something really familar about this place!

The Dudes are gonna pawty!

So, step on in through the lobby, past some of our old movie posters and album covers

You just might find some of these tunes on our Jukebox!

           "Hey, Good lookin', What you got Cookin?"

Step on around the pool table, where we're sure
 you will want to play later!

And on into the main saloon.

If you look off to the left, you will see our mechanical bull.
Lane Frost stopped by here one day...
So, give it a try, if you'd like

But, you'd better be able to beat the time of this little Bull Rider!

She not only went the full 8 seconds, she got a score of 92 !

Well, how about some cookies, now that you're here?

The Bacon and Beer Balls ! These were such a hit last time, we made sure to bring them back for Hank's birthday.Two distinct flavors here, served with our special BBQ flavored dipping sauce made from our secret recipe,
using Hank's Beer! You can taste the foam!

The Beer Bacon White Cornmeal Muffin. Order extra to enjoy with your Tootybrutie from the #Dudefest Cantina!

Remember these little gems? The Smokey Bacon Double Cheeseburger Cookie. Served with a dipping sauce made from Hank's Bacon Beer, mustard and molasses.

The Chocolate Covered Bacon Bully Stick! Served with our special Beer and Bean Bar-B-Que Sauce.

This Little Piggy went to Dinner! Your's!  A Bacon and Beer fondant pig on a ham and cheese cookie. Order several for when the wind blows, or midnite snacking.

A delightful tray of fruit cookies for our bunny, hamster, and bird friends.
Available with Beer Salt to help bring out the flavors.

Anyone for some Chocolate Covered Bacon?
 Bring along some extra to share with Hank and Brutus when they go get the wagons for more of Pierre's special hooch!

Please remembeer to donate for your cookies Dudes up at the top of the sidebar. The shelter is ACPaw !

For those Dudes who just can't bring themselves to drink from a jug,  we have some special Vodka Niptinis with a bacon garnish!    
       Chtob vse byli zdorovy,  or as we like to say here,  Down the hatch! 

We have a very few of these special cookies that we came up with for the Treeing Hounds. But....
Every time we try to cook some...

This little guy shows up and disables the oven...snicker...

This is bound to be a big hit with our Bear Dudes! The Cinnamon, Honey, Beer Bear Claw! With Beer-Nutz baked right in for extra crunchiness!

Any of you Cat Dudes want to impress your queen? These beautiful little sunflower cookies have beer, bacon, and Super Nip baked right in!

The Mom, Apple Pie, and Bacon Baseball Cookie!
Not because they're as hard as baseballs, but because you will never strike out with these tasty beauties!

So,other than Bacon, Beer, and Poo-guns, what does a dudefest need?

Mud Pies of course!

We hope you have enjoyed the cookies and #Dudefest. Please remember if you can to donate to ACPaw at the top of the sidebar.

Once again we hope you have enjoyed the Flicka da Cookie Cafe (and Saloon!) as much as we have!

 @flicka47 and @Marshallsheldon