Thursday, November 18, 2010

Welcome to Hogwarts! ~ Where Everything is Bacon Magic!

Welcome to the Harry Pawter Pawpawty and the
 First Anniversary of the Flicka da Cookie Cafe!

We hope to bring you some magic treats and tasty spells.

Please be sure and visit our pawpawty charity The Last Resort (give them a vote in the AnimalRescue site's contest too while you're there!) and if you can please donate either here or at the Jaba Jazz Bar and eCafe , where they'll be serving some wonderfully magic noms and drinks!

 And look who is guarding the treats at the Cookie Cafe!

 On to the treats!

As we all know aspiring wizards just have to have a magic wand!  So, first we have these Tuna and Nip flavored  ones...

And then we have Rainbow Bacon! Wands!! You'll need a dozen or so, as they have a bad habit of disappearing!

Of course every Witch and Wizard needs a Broomstick! Ours are Tuna and Lemon Sugar Cookies with a Bacon! Pretzel Stick! And Witch's Hats made with Chocolate covered Rawhide.

How about a Deathly Marshallow Chocolate Fudge Cookie? Order a large platter to share with friends!

Here we have magical Candy Corn Sunflower Cookies. Very tasty!! Don't listen too closely to what they say though, they lie!

Maybe you would like some Ice Mice Cake? Pumpkin Spice Cake with Chocolate Butter Beer Frosting and Orange Bacon! Chocolate Leaves. An Autumn favorite at Hogwarts!

Boggart Bacon! Bagettes ! Funny, I've never thought of Bacon! as being Riddikulus, and I know it would be more fun to eat than banish !

Pumpkin and Carmel Corn Pinwheel Cookies. Nicely spiced with Nip and Nutmeg, then sprinkled with a Crystal Sugar Spell.

Oh! We worked some magic here! Our Bacon! Chocolate Cake with an Orange Marmalade filling. It will work it's spell on you!

NutNHoney but Magic! Made with a tasty potion of rich creamery Butter, Orange Blossom Honey and the tastiest of nuts!
I thought the kittys might like to play with these Magic Fish! Drag them around with your cursor! Have some fun! But please don't eat them!
(Everyone else is welcome to play too!)

………………..Virtual Pet Fish ( vrkmphoto )……………..

I hope you all are enjoying yourselves at this magical Pawpawty. We have a lot more treats here for you. But be sure and visit the Jaba Jaza Bar and eCafe . I'm going over there right now to check out Java's Magic Store. I bet she has some fun Harry Pawter souvenires there! And please donate to The Last Resort if you can. Donation widget is up at the top of the page on the right, or use the one at the Jaba Jazz, on the top of their menu.

I thought you all might like a little more Bacon!    ...snicker...  This little Chocolate Piggy is stuffed full of Bacon! magic.

These little Hedwig shortbread cookies are mighty tasty, and they might bring you a magic message too! A Nip and Pineapple cookie with Chocolate Bacon! fondant frosting.

These Peacocks told me that they are magical too! Well maybe they just taste magical!! A Snicker...doodle Cookie with a Lemon Nip Royal frosting.
Pumpkin Butter Beer Ton Toffee, guaranteed to leave you spellbound! Lightly dusted with sea salt, everyone you share these with will love you! So be sure to get plenty.
These tasty little Pumpkin Pasties are just the thing. They magically disappear! So get a very large platter to share.

What would Hogwarts be without Spiders? These tasty little cuties are crunchy and sweet. Made with raisins, oats, chocolate, licorice, and of course, magical Bacon!
Our Cornelius Fudge with Bacon! and extra nuts! Expect to administer lots of  magic to your friends with this sweet treat!

We have some magical drinks for you also, but first I thought you might like to visit Hogwarts! 
 Don't forget your Invisibility Cloak and Marauder's Map!

How about a Black Doghatten? Made with Fire Whiskey and of course Bacon! You'll glow with the magic!

Or Try our own home-brewed Bacon! Butter Beer. Only for our older anipals !

For our younger anipal friends we always have Hank's Bacon! Root Beer. Very tasty and refreshing! (No Mandrakes were harmed in the making of this beverage)

On our bar you will find Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, and...

Droobles Best-Blowing Gum. Enjoy the magic! But don't get carried away.

You can see the future in this Million Star Niptini. But don't drink more than two! Your fortune-telling skills will not be guaranteed.

Our magical Pumpkin Apple Cider is very tasty. With just a hint of Allspice and Nip, it's just the thing for a Fall afternoon.

Meowaritas made with a magic Nip potion,  just the charm to give you nine lives!

Last but not least we have Helga Hufflepuff's Magical Cup! Do you like Bacon! Beer? Do you like Hot Chocolate? Just tell the cup and your wish is it's command!
But,  be sure and keep a basilisk fang handy in case the Horcrux comes out!

We hope you have enjoyed our magical treats at Cookie Cafe for this Magical Harry Pawter Pawpawty.
 We have so enjoyed having you drop by!
Please help The Last Resort if you can, but we love you all no matter what.

Thanks for making this past year here at
 The Flicka da Cookie Cafe so memorial.
 We look forward to bringing you treats for many more Pawpawties!

flicka47, Cookie man,
  Marshall Sheldon, and Olly Ted