Friday, October 15, 2010

Ghosties and Goblins and Things that go HOWL! in the Night

Welcome to the Howloween Pawpawty Cookie Cafe

Oh, are we gonna have a great time at this pawpawty! Twick or Tweeting all weekend long!  I hope you enjoy all our wonderful tweets!

 Our rescue this month is Orphan Animal Rescue and Sanctuary in Neenah, Wisconsin. Please visit their sight at the link, or make a donation with the widget in the sidebar to the right

Please remember to visit the Jaba Jazz Bar and eCafe for their wonderful Howloween nom selection!

Halloween Treat Cup Project
Here's a sweet little tweet!
 Black Kittys, Pumpkins, and Owls all filled with our favorites!
 Bacon! Milk Duds, Chocolate Beef Bone Tootsie Rolls, Nip Good and Plentys And Salmon Carmel Corn

Somebody's Mother's Halloween Treats

OOOOOWWW! The Kitty's favorite Spider Cupcakes. In Devilish Dark Chocolate Liver and Mummy's Vanilla Tuna flavors!

This should hit the pawpawty spot on a cool Fall afternoon ~
 The Carmel Apple Barkarita with Bacon!

How about some Spectral Orbs?
Spiced Pumpkin and Dark Chocolate Truffles rolled in Gingersnap Crumbs. Especially good for doggies who've had too many tweets!...snicker....
Somebody's Mother's Halloween Treats - Creep PuffsAnyone for a Creep Puff Filled with Bacon! Hooch Chocolate Creme or Lemon Tuna Custard with an Ectoplasm Carmel Slime!

 Halloween Treats 1Gingersnap Pumpkin Cookies with Bacon! Beer or Orange Nip Creme Frosting.  Get a large platter to share with friends!

Caramel Corn

Oh yummy! Bacon! Carmel Corn! In three convenient sizes. 16 oz, 24 oz, and our giant 84 oz! Plenty to share!!

Halloween Grusel Teddy Bär - Creepy Halloween Bear

Hey Look! It's marshallsheldon in his Howloween costume!!
I'd better make some Honey Cayks quick!!

Please remember our charity, every little bit does help, even if it's only a dollar. Let's get the animals at Orphan Animal Rescue a very nice Howloween tweet!
 You can use the widget here up top on the right or visit the Jaba Jazz and use theirs. It all goes to OARS!

Hmmm, the Jaba right back, I bet there's some Bacon! Wrapped Scallops over there calling my name, and besides it's time to visit the #pawpawty shop!

Autumn Cookies 01

Here ya go Bears!!  Honey Applesauce Cookies With a Butter Nip Frosting. Bet they'd go really good with a nice Hot Chocolate or Hot Apple Cider!

Autumn Seven Layer Cookies 3

Oh! Seven Layers of Howloween! here's something for every anipal! There's Bacon! Beefbone Chocolate, Lemon Nip and Tuna, Barkarita and Orange Creme,topped with an Almond and Honey Leaf Candy

Da Breeze! Hey who told Kittehboi he had to have a bath?  Tasty little Nip Sugar Cookie Cats or  Lemon and Absinthe Spider Webs

HOOoOOWWwL!! Just the tweet the dogs have been digging for! Beef Bones with Hank's Bacon! Beer Frosting. Yum!!

Oooh, another spider for the kittys to chase,but the dogs will love too! This is our exclusive Chocolate Coco Puffs and Sheep Poo Tarantula. Those Licorice Legs are awfully fun to play with!

Need something cool to drink? Howl about this Witch's Brew? A Sparkling Nip Appletini

Now who could turn down a Carmel Apple? Especially a Bacon! Carmel Apple?

Oh! I bet Bijntje and all the Bears will love these. Olliebollen Donuts made with Apples and extra Honey. And for the rest of us, some Brown Sugar and Bacon! flavored Sour Cream to dip them in.

OOOOhhh, you can eat our Pink Nip Cotton Candy, or join the #PinkFroBros and wear it!  Just don't complain when the other anipals nibble on your hair!!...snicker...

Here we have something for the Bears and the Cats!! The Almond Halibut Fish Cayk, with a Lemon Nip Buttercreme Frosting

Here's the Twick AND the Tweet! Our Cookie Man and Cream Fudge. The Twick? Don't leave your fudge unattended or Cookie man will eat it!

Now this little Ghostie Quartet looks very tasty! Peanut Butter Shortbread with a Bacon! Beer Butter Creme frosting. I wonder what they are singing about?

Esprcially for our Princess Howloween Twick or Tweeters, but every one will enjoy them! Lemon Nip Shortbread, decorated to shine!
Tasty little Tombstone Cookies with Chocolate
Bacon! Dirt Pudding.
Midnite Meowjitos with extra nip and lime. Made with our special Bacon! infused 200 yr old Rum!

...snicker... The Snicker's Bar Cheesecake with extra Carmel, Bacon! Chocolate and Nuts!

We hope you all have enjoyed our Howloween  Cookie Cafe and are having a wonderful time at the Pawpawty. Please help our charity if you can.

Thanks again for joining us!
Cookie man, marshallsheldon, and OllyTed