Friday, February 11, 2011

Love is in the Air Pawpawty

Welcome to our special Love Is In The Air Pawpawty
Cookie Cafe!

Hearts And Roses
Valentine Wallpapers

We hope you enjoy all of our tasty treats, every one is served with a double portion to share with your special someone! But don't worry if you haven't brought a special someone to Pawpawty, all our friends are special and love to share goodies!

Our charity shelter for the weekend is The Animal Welfare League of Queensland, which is working extra hard right now to help get all the animals misplaced by the floods in Queensland back to their homes, or to find them new ones if necessary.
Please help if you can, there is a widget over to the right here, or go check out the tasty treats at The Jaba Jazz Bar and eCafe , and use the widget at the top of their page.

 But there's More! Don't forget to go say thanks to @pedigreeUS! For every dollar we donate to AWLQ Pedigree is donating a dollar to our SECOND charity shelter Save A Pet

Now, on to the treats!

Now what could be a better way to start than this wonderful Bouquet of Chocolate Covered Strawberries! Available in Dark, Semi Sweet, White, or Bacon! Chocolate!
Here's our Pear and Nip Mousse with Pomagranate. A very tasty and light treat
Oh, everybody's Sweetheart will love these Red Rose Cookies! In Lemon and Nip or Bacon! and Beef flavors.
A little elegance is always good for romance!
Our Cherries Jubilee is guaranteed to impress!
Flaming on request!
Want a little more elegance? Try our Red Currant and Berry Mousse with a Red Currant and Nip Gelee

But, if you really want to impress your sweetheart, the ONLY way to go is our Bacon! Bouquet!
 Available in one, two, or five dozen "buds"!
Maybe your special someone would like our special Lemon, Nip, and Raspberry Cheesecake. Or maybe you just like cheesecake!

Niptini Cookies! Always a hit with your friends!! Get a couple dozen to share!!
Here's our Valentine's Fortune Cookies! A Cherry and Beef Bone cookie dipped in Bacon! Chocolate. Good Fortune and Romance in every one!
Ooooh, Love By Chocolate! In many assorted flavors ! Bacon!, Bacon! Beef, Lemon Nip, Raspberry Bacon!, Raspberry Salmon Nip, Or Orange Tequila!!  
Oh, these little Mardi Gras Cupcakes just had to join in! After all who doesn't want a little romance?
In Bacon! Chocolate, Champagne Vanilla, and Tequila Nip Lemon
How about a Romantic Picnic? Champagne, Chocolates, Rawhide Chips, Super Nip Chews, and of course, Bacon!
Perfect for two, but more than enough to share with friends!
A special Lover's Cup! Filled with Chocolate Truffles and Chocolate Hearts!

Oh, our own  Mallow Pie! With a Tequila Marshmellow filling, and a Bacon! Chocolate Cake it's perfect to share with friends or someone special!
A very rich and decadent Hazelnut Dacquoise with a dark Bacon! Chocolate filling. Yum!

Another beautiful bouquet for your special someone, or just to share with a friend! Lemon Nip Shortbread with a very fancy Royal Frosting paint job!
For those wanting something a little less sweet, our Gorgonzola, Honey and Pecan Wontons. Oh, it's Nut-and-Honey!...snicker...
The Cookie man and Cream Fudge, always a big hit!

Our Chocolate Fruit Cup Tree! Grapes, Cherries, Strawberries, and Raspberries, all with a special nip glaze!

The Snicker...Bar Cake with Bacon!(of course!)

And what pawty would be complete without some tasty Chocolate-covered Bacon! Comes in six, ten, or twenty-four piece servings

Our elegant spun sugar Swan with Chocolate-covered Strawberries and Raspberry Bacon! Truffles. There's plenty to share!
Of course we have it! Our Bacon! Chocolate Cake with a Raspberry and Nip filling!
Don't forget to check out the Pawpawty Store!

Are you thirsty yet?

In honor of all you pawty anipals, the Wild Berry Doguiri. Comes with two straws and a side of Bacon!
Yes we do have Champagne! Sometimes Love Is In The Bubbles!!

No way you could be romantic with Champagne without the Strawberries! Extra large bowl of extra sweet and juicy berries!(rolled in Nip for that extra kick)

You didn't even have to ask, did ya? Frosty cold Hank's Bacon! Beer, naturally!

Of course you can super-size it! Hank's Bacon! Beer in a Bacon! Mug, comes with two Bacon! Straws for those wishing to share!
For our younger anipals, or those wanting something non-alcoholic,  we always have Hank's Bacon! Root Beer
And we can serve it in a big frosty mug with a generous scoop or two of Bacon! Ice Cream!
Crisp and tasty! The Carmel Appletini. Enjoy it with a side of Bacon! KarmelKorn!
For after dark romance, our elegant Black Martini      Served with a Rawhide Swizzle Stick
You can dream of a romantic getaway for two with these Tropical Blue Taste treats... A Blue Agave Dogerita, or a Tequila Sunrise. Either one will hit the spot!

A Million Mittens Meowjito! Tasty and cool with extra Nip and Mint!

We hope you have enjoyed the Love Is In The Air Pawpawty and our Cookie Cafe. Please remember to donate to the Animal Welfare League of Queensland if you can.

The Flicka da Cookie Crew