Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nipclub Office Pawty to Mexico!

 And welcome to the nipclub office pawty honoring @TinyPearlCat!
First a small gift for Pearl!

Now on to the main courses! 

Oh, Nip Salsa and Chips!
Such a tasty way to start our
Nipclub pawty!
I'm sure @TinyPearlCat will approve!

 Then we can take those chips and make a tasty dish of Nachos!
Lots of Cheese and a choice of Nip Ceviche or Steak.
Sprinkled with Bacon!
Oh! Three Layered Mexican Pizza!!
Your choice of Fish, Bacon!, Chicken, or Beef.
Lots of cheese and tasty Nip Salsa

Fresh off the Nipclub Grill
(no, not the grill of Pearl's truck!!)
Steak Fajitas with all the fixings! 

Our very tasty Enchilada plate.
Choices include Chicken and Bacon!, Tequila Halibut and Nip,
Steak and Jalapeno(spicy, but not too hot!)
All served with rice and beans, lots of cheese and chips!

Chimichanga with all the fixings! Deep-fried to a golden brown.
Choices include Beef and Bacon! Beer Refried Beans,
Chili Relleno and Tequila Nip Chicken,
Prawns and Lemon Nip Rice

Yummy! Quesadillas!! 
With a choice of plain Cheese, BBQd Chicken,
Drunk Prawns, or Pulled Bacon! Beer Pork!

Soft Tacos!!
Available with Halibut and Avocado, Chicken and Bacon!,
Steak and Prawns!
All made with lots of tasty Cheese and Nip,
and served with a large variety of toppings!

Something a little sweet!

 Oh, chocolate covered strawberries are always tasty! 
 Especially with a Cinnamon and Nip flavored Mexican Chocolate shell!

Here's a Spicy little number!
Our Chili and Chocolate Cupcakes!

Mexican Jello, with layers of Lime, Tequila and Nip!

 Oh, Heavenly!
Mexican Hot Chocolate Brownies made with Dulce de Leche!
 Our vast assortment of Mexican pastries,
in Cinnamon, Nip, Lemon, and Vanilla
 One more very special Mexican Jello!
This one is made with Tequila flavored jello, and sweetened milk flowers.
A one of a kind taste treat!
These Tequila, Lime and Nip Cupcakes are sure to please!!

Our Mexican Cantina!

 Oh, you just have to have a tasty cool glass of Horchata with your meal!
A Cinnamon flavored rice drink that compliments the flavors of Mexican food!
Or a tasty fruit flavored Jarritos! 

 Of course, we have Hank's Bacon! Root Beer!
 It wouldn't be a pawty without
Hank's Bacon! Beer!
We can fix you any Mexican Cocktail your heart desires!!
 Something a little more tropical?
Our Blue Lei, Rum, Coconut,
and Nip!
 La Loco Baya!
Berries and Tequila, served with a Bacon! chaser!
 We have captured the Fail Whale!
No more twitter jail time for Pearl!

Our Mexican cappuccino, very tasty!
There is nothing to compare to the taste of Mexican Hot Chocolate!
Ahhh, Mexican Coffee!
Strong, with just a hint of cocoa and cinnamon 
Or try our Mexican Coffee With Kaluha!
Made with premium Mexican Coffee Beans,
 Cocoa, a hint of Cinnamon and Cayenne!
Topped with a scoop of Mexican Vanilla Ice cream!

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Super Heroes Pawpawty

Welcome to the Super Heroes Pawpawty
Cookie Cafe!
And you do know who the Super Heroes are, don't you?
They are YOU of course, the best friend
any dog, cat, rabbit, or bird could ask for! 

We have lots of tasty treats, here, at the Jabba Jazz Bar and eCafe , and Gil's Super Ice Pub Our wonderful charity shelter is the Young At Heart Rescue . Please donate if you can, donation widgets can be found both here in the sidebar and at the Jabba Jazz.

Now on to the Super Treats for Super Heroes!

 Here's our super tasty Cinnamon Mocha Cheesecake, with just the right combination of Raspberry and Bacon! sure to please any Super Hero!
 Our special Bacon! Root Beer Float Cake with Rawhide Pirouette cookies
 ...Snickers...Bar Nip and Carmel Cheesecake, Muttley would be proud!

Hey! Shouldn't that number be 47?

How about some Super Star Super Hero Pie? Pumpkin and Prawns with Lemon Nip Stars!

 Cherries Jubilee!
 Fit for a King or a Super Hero!
The "Watch Me Pull A Rabbit Out of My Hat" Black and White Mousse! A big favorite at Frostbite Falls!

Turkish Delight! ~  A lite little fruit gel guaranteed to never interrupt your Super Hero flights! In Raspberry Bacon! Lemon Nip and various other delicious flavors!

Sugar Cookie Super Star Heroes battling Evil and empty Cookie Jars!

 Now Super Heroes aren't Peacocks, but they'll sure enjoy these tasty little Lemon Sugar Cookies with a Royal Nip frosting! Be sure and get enough to share with your sidekick!
 Here's our Raspberry  Lemon Tuna Mousse with just a hint of Nip!
Oh, Roses! Every Super Hero loves to get roses! Ours come in Rawhide and Bacon! Beer Sugar Cookie.

When a Super Hero needs energy fast what does he grab? Our Bacon! Maple Donut Bars of course!!

Don't let these little unassuming shortbread cookies fool you! Just like the anipals under that little Daisy lies the heart of a Super Hero!

Now here's a Super Hero for you!

We hope you are having a Super time at the Super Heroes pawpawty, be sure and visit Young At Heart, our charity shelter, the Jabba Jazz, and the Pawpawty Gift shoppe!

"Here I come to Save the Day!"
 Means the Anipals are on their way!

Now I'm sure we can find some tasty libations here at the Cookie Cafe. Just right for you Super Heroes!

 The Green Hornet Meowgarita!
 The Justice League Black Niptini
 The Fail Whale Avenger!! A Rum, Blue Curacao, and Nip Jello shot!
The Super Hero's Reply Cappuccino

 Of, course we have Hank's Bacon! Beer!!
 The Super Hero favorite
 Available in ice cold bottles or Bacon! Mugs
And on our bar you will find Bacon! Cheese Toast.   Another Super Hero fav!

And for our younger Super Heroes ~ Hank's Bacon! Root Beer!

Naturally Super Heroes love Champagne!

By the glass or by the bottle!

 And what good would Champagne be without Nip-dusted Strawberries!?!
 Superman's Krypton Stars Dogmapolitain
 The Number 47 ~ Muttley's Revenge
Silver Anejo Rum with Nip and Lime
 The Underdog Meowgarita
 We have a  wide variety of teas available to suit Super Hero tastes. From Bruce Wayne's Earl Gray to Nip and Tuna Oolong!
And to get our Super Heroes up and going, our Super Java!

Thanks so much for joining us once again at the best place to be on Twitter ~
 The Anipal's Pawpawty.
The Super Hero Hangout!
The Flicka da Cookie Cafe Crew