Sunday, October 30, 2011

Buttons and Bella's Birthday

♫ Happy Birthday to Buttons ♪
♪ Happy Birthday to Bella ♫

Just a fun little pawty to celebrate! So, come on in, and enjoy the treats! And be sure and play the Cheetos Game!

Cat's Tongue Tuille Cookies
 Chicken and Bacon! Spring Rolls
Cheetos Sushi 
Chicken and Cherry Blondies 
Yes, you can eat the decorations!! Chicken sugar cookies! 
Chicken and Bacon! Shortbread Stars 
Lots of tasty Sashimi! 
Bacon! and Cheese Toast 
Popcorn and Cheetos Chili Lime
Snack Mix

Have you ever played Battle of the Cheetos?
Chester is waiting for you!! Go play here
(it's lots of fun!!)

Looks like someone is bringing Buttons a gift!

Now we just have to find that lost ship of 
for Bella!
Well, we DO have this pretty little dish to put Bella's cat food in when it shows up!

How about a tasty drink?

 OK, OK, this is not technically a drink! But what kitty is going to turn down a Bowl of Cream?
 A Meowgarita in Chicken or Tuna,with a Fruit and Nip Garnish!
A Million Stars Niptini!

 A special Fruit Punch with just a hint of Chicken, goes great with Cheetos too!
 Pina Colada made with extra Cream. Side of Bacon! on request!! 
Bacon! Catmopolitans!

Last but not least we have a very special cake for Buttons and Bella!
(Bella will be very pleased to hear that chicken is sitting on a whole box of cat food!)


Happy Birthday Button's and Bella!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Howl-O-Ween on Mt. Fuji !!

Welcome to Howl-O-Ween Pawpawty and
 the Wedding of @AthenaCatGoddess
and Flicka da Cookie Cafe's co-founder @sadlovelyheart's Cookie man!

Oh! A wedding in Japan!
Did you know the national flower of Japan is the Chrysanthemum?

We are going to have lots of Japanese treats today as well as our regular goodies
 in honor of Cookie man and Athena's wedding.

OH!! Dolly is so thrilled with our charity shelter for this month's Pawpawty
 she's going to Parti all night long!
Check it out!
Camp Cocker
in Los Angeles, California.
Please donate if you can, there are donation widgets here on the right, at the Pawpawty home page, at The Jabba Jazz Bar and eCafe , and the #nipclub Wedding Reception

On to the treats!

First off we have a little Agashi Namagashi "cake" in Autumn colors with a Maple sweetened bean paste center. Just for us, I've added a very un-Japanese ingredient...
Our Scallop and Nip Sugar Cookies with a light Lemon Frosting

What's that you say? Fortune cookies aren't Japanese? 
True, but Red is the color of Love and Good Fortune in Japan.
Our Cherry and Nip ones are sure to bring the happy couple
 Good Luck!

A very special bouquet. Especially for the Bride, but all of us will enjoy one, or two, or three...

Our little Bacon!, Nip, Tuna, and Rawhide flavored Fruit Marizpan!

 A very special Chrysanthemum Cupcake, flavored with Lemon, (yes!) Chrysanthemum, and Bacon!
Order a couple dozen to share with friends!

 Our Strawberry Ichigo Daifuku. A sweet bean confection thought to bring Good Luck!(yeah, we flavored it with Tequiila!)

Our own Lemon and  Sole cake. Sweet AND tart, just like Cookie man! Extra Nip Frosting on request!
Luau Cookies! Pineapple and Bacon! Bacon! Bacon! In a tropical shaped Sugar Cookie!


Kudzu Mochi, Japanese rice "ice cream"
Ours is flavored with Green Tea and Nip!


...snicker...Did you think we could have Cookie Cafe without
Snickerdoodles? Not likely!

A few less sweet treats!

Yum! Sashimi Style Salmon served on ice cold pickled Chrysanthemum leaves, with extra Nip of course!! 
 Especially for the dogs! Japanese style Kobi Beef with a sweet Palm Sugar and Coriander sauce. Served rare of course!
Sashimi, Sashimi, Sashimi!
 What can I say kittys?
Go nuts!!
Bacon! Wrapped Scallops! Served with our own Tequila, Lime, and Nip sauce.

Our own Omozobana, a tasty flounder with Chrysanthemum Leaves and Crab Sauce, sprinkled with Nip! 

Please remember to visit the Jabba Jazz Bar and eCafe and to attend the wonderful wedding reception at the #nipclub!
And if you can please donate to Camp Cocker!

Our beautiful Chrysanthemum styled Sweet Pickled Turnip, a Japanese delicacy!


Wagashi Kiku, our Chrysanthemum shaped wagashi is filled with Nip flavored sweetened Bean paste.
 Light and tasty!
Home baked Bacon! and Maple Apple Pie! With just a hint of Rawhide.

Our Bacon! Cheese Toast
 Just the thing to have with a tasty Bacon! Beer!
Pumpkin Sugar Cookies!
What better way to celebrate Howl-o-ween and Autumn?
Ours come in Rawhide and Nip flavors!

Our delicious Orange Mousse!
With just that special hint of Halibut and Nip!
NutnHoney...What Cookie man will tell Athenia when asked what he's been up to...snicker...Our nut cookies are made with the finest Honey and Butter

Chocolate Truffles in flavors to please the most discriminating anipal! Raspberry Bacon! Lemon Tuna to name just a few. Get plenty to share with friends!

hana yori dango is a concept the anipals can sure get around!
Dumplings before Flowers! These sweet little treats are made with Bacon! flavored bean paste with a Chrysanthemum sauce!

Lemon Nip Angel Cookies
Guaranteed to melt in your mouth!

真鯛 Madai Bream is considered the King of Fish in Japan and is a very special wedding dish. Ours is served with a Sake Nip sauce,sprinkled with Chrysanthemums!

A whole school of little tuna dressed in their finest for the wedding! Too bad these little Sugar Cookies won't survive the reception!
No, this is not what Athenia will look like when Cookie man comes home late from #nipclub. Tasty little Bacon! shortbread cookies, get some to share!

Of course, we have our Cookie man and Cream Fudge!

Our very special list of libations to celebrate
Cookie man and Athenia

 Of course we'll have the finest Champagne available to celebrate throughout pawpawty and for the wedding! Served with your favorite fruit or Bacon!
Junmai Daiginjō-shu
Our very special wedding saké, served in sakazuki saucers!
Naturally we have nibbles in the bar! Some tasty Char Sui BBQ Pork for starters! 
 Cool and tasty tropical MaiTais!  Ours have a special Bacon! kick!
♫"I like Pina Coladas, and Walks in the Rain"♫

Very special Cinnamon and Nip Popcorn Balls for all you Howl-O-Weeners out there! 
You just knew we had it! Hank's Bacon! Beer in a frosty Bacon! Mug!!

And of course, Hank's Bacon! Root Beer for the younger anipals!

Black Magic Barktinis for all you Trick or Treaters! Served with a Rawhide swizzle stick!

Carmel Appletinis with just a hint of Nip,
and a side of Bacon! 
 We would never forget to bring the Fail Whale shooters!
Our Smiley Jack O'Lantern is asking that if you can, please be sure and donate to Camp Cocker! Dolly and all the pups at Camp Cocker would sure appreciate it!

How about a Vampiretini?  Made with Cinnamon, and Nip for that just right Fall flavor!
Care for some Pumpkin and Nutmeg Fruit Punch? A tasty and bright beverage to take with you on your Howl-O-Ween rounds! (Naturally it's spiked!)
How about a tasty Green Tea and Lime Catini? With just that necessary hint of Nip!

And you thought we didn't have Barkaritas? It wouldn't BE a pawpawty without Tequila!...snicker...

Our special Green Tea and Nip for the kittys! 
Our own special blend of tasty Coffees for an early morning or late night pick me up!

Our tasty Cappucchinos to go with your Trick or Tweets!

どうもありがとう Dōmo arigatō
Thank you so much for joining us for the Howl-O-Ween Pawpawty and @AthenaCatGodess and @sadlovelyheart's Cookie man's Wedding!

It has once again been a pleasure to serve you. Please donate to Camp Cocker if you can.

See you soon, and
May good Fortune and Happiness always be yours!

The Flicka da Cookie Cafe Crew