Sunday, October 30, 2011

Buttons and Bella's Birthday

♫ Happy Birthday to Buttons ♪
♪ Happy Birthday to Bella ♫

Just a fun little pawty to celebrate! So, come on in, and enjoy the treats! And be sure and play the Cheetos Game!

Cat's Tongue Tuille Cookies
 Chicken and Bacon! Spring Rolls
Cheetos Sushi 
Chicken and Cherry Blondies 
Yes, you can eat the decorations!! Chicken sugar cookies! 
Chicken and Bacon! Shortbread Stars 
Lots of tasty Sashimi! 
Bacon! and Cheese Toast 
Popcorn and Cheetos Chili Lime
Snack Mix

Have you ever played Battle of the Cheetos?
Chester is waiting for you!! Go play here
(it's lots of fun!!)

Looks like someone is bringing Buttons a gift!

Now we just have to find that lost ship of 
for Bella!
Well, we DO have this pretty little dish to put Bella's cat food in when it shows up!

How about a tasty drink?

 OK, OK, this is not technically a drink! But what kitty is going to turn down a Bowl of Cream?
 A Meowgarita in Chicken or Tuna,with a Fruit and Nip Garnish!
A Million Stars Niptini!

 A special Fruit Punch with just a hint of Chicken, goes great with Cheetos too!
 Pina Colada made with extra Cream. Side of Bacon! on request!! 
Bacon! Catmopolitans!

Last but not least we have a very special cake for Buttons and Bella!
(Bella will be very pleased to hear that chicken is sitting on a whole box of cat food!)


Happy Birthday Button's and Bella!

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  1. Happy Birthday Buttons and Bella. Hope you have one great pawty. judging from the food, I'ts going to be great.