Saturday, July 23, 2011

Beach places

Look at some of the neat places to see on the beach!

Santa Monica Boardwalk, Santa Monica, United States
This travel blog photo's source is TravelPod page: La La Land

Sand castle anyone?

Anybody want to go do some shopping in Beverly Hills?

We'll take the limo up Mulholland Dr,about a 20 minute trip!

How about a visit to Pacific Park?

Does everybody know where to go at Paradise cove?

Topanga canyon Beach

candied apple on the Malibu Pier

OK, which anipal brought Beaver Cleaver?

Whale watching tours This is a Minke whale

Pacific Park after dark!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Welcome to the Malibu Beach Pawty

Oh, are we going to have a great time, or what?
Welcome to my back yard!
Pacific Coast Highway and Malibu Beach! 
Cruisin' PCH in my little MG on a summer afternoon...

Of course, back then I did it in cutoffs and a halter top!...snicker...

We have some wonderful treats today and a very special charity to help!
If you can please donate to Medical Detection Dogs(@CancerDogs on Twitter), either here, at the main #pawpawty page, or at the
Jabba Jazz Bar and eCafe
♥ ~ ☮~ ♥
And now, on to the Treats!

These little Lemon and Nip Scallops are sure to hit the spot!
 Yum~~ Nip Brownies were a really big hit in the Sixties! Musta been all those HepCats from the Fifties...snicker...Be sure and order plenty, 'cause you know you're gonna eat them all!

 Yeah, all The Stars hung out at Malibu in the Sixties!
 A little Cinnamon Shortbread cookie here.

Yeah, there were showoffs too.
But these little Peacocks promise they won't let you Wipe Out on the big ones!

 Oh, my! Tasty and cool, Jello Watermelon slices! Ours
have Tequila and Nip flavors!

 Just the thing on a warm beach afternoon, strolling on the Santa Monica Pier! Candy Apples, in all your favorite flavors!
Salt Water Taffy? Of course, it's there too. Fill a big bag to share with your friends later at the bonfire on the beach!

...snicker...the omnipresent Sixties Daisy! Seen on every Woodie and VW Van
Cruising PCH!
 Ours are a tasty little Sugar Cookie with Nip frosting.

Oh, a definite Sixties treat! Pistacho Tuile Cookies,
Crunchy and Sweet!

Another Sixties Treat! The Fondue Pot!
We have a wonderful selection of Beef, Chicken, Seafood(including Prawns!), or Cheese and Sourdough Bread.

And don't forget dessert! A wonderful Chocolate Fondue with a large selection of fresh fruits

The Malibu Beach Pier

 You'll see lots of little dinghies off the Pier, and Sailboats too!
Ours are an Orange and Nip Shortbread with a tasty Lemon Tequila frosting

There are lots of schools of fish in the Southern California waters. Wonder if these guys are learning algebra! Lemon and Salmon Flavored Sugar cookie with a Nip Frosting!

You have to catch the boat early in the morning!

 Oooh, Snack Mix! Just the thing to have when watching a Gidget movie at the drive-in! Ours has lots of nuts, pineapple, and Bacon!
Gotta have a hotdog when you visit the Pier! Ours is wrapped in Bacon!!

How about one of our special Club Sandwiches? Turkey, Bacon! and Cheese with all the fixings!

Are  you are havin a groovy time in Malibu? We're just about to get to Moondoggie's place!

We hope you are having a wonderful time at Malibu Beach. Be sure and visit the Jabba Jazz, as I know the barktenders there have some great treats and noms for all of us, and if you can please donate to Medical Detection Dogs
~ ☮ ~
Well, I don't know about you, but driving to Moondoggie's made me thirsty.
Let's see what we have to drink!

 Of course we have Hank's Bacon! Beer! What would a pawpawty be without it!?!
And our World Famous Hank's Bacon! Root Beer for our younger anipals.

Ooooh! A Float is always tasty, but especially when it's made with
 Hank's Bacon! Root Beer!

The Timeless Blue Stars Niptini, for when you are sitting on Malibu Beach watching the sunset!
 Never let it be said we didn't bring the Fail Whale Shooters! In Nip and Rum or Tequila and Bacon! Flavors
 A very popular drink in the Sixties, Sangria with Nip! Or a tasty Meowgarita!
A special Cuppa Joe to wake you up, or help keep you warm on the beach? Yeah, we've got it!

Paradise Cove!!

Hey! I think this guy lives there!

Yeah, here he is again! That's a beautiful house he has...snicker...But what a million dollar view!

We hope you have had a super time at the Malibu Beach Pawpawty and the Cookie Cafe. Please remember our charity if you can.
Thanks so much for joining us.