Friday, August 26, 2011

Welcome to the Anipal Times BlogPaws Pawty!

Hello from the
Be the Changes in Attitude, Changes in Latitude,
Jimmy Buffet Buffet

We have leis for everyone, but could someone please remind the hampsters and turtles not to eat the flowers!?!

Welcome #BlogPaws to the Flicka da Cookie Cafe!

This should be a fun time tonight! All the pawty anipals on Twitter together with all the blogging anipals attending #Blogpaws are coming together to have one great time! Everyone brought together by their love of animals.

You don't have to blog(though I love reading all about your adventures!), you don't have to volunteer at your local shelter(but maybe you can bring them some extra food or kitty litter from time to time, or foster a animal for them, short term, or long! And always, a little extra money can go a long way for a small shelter!), maybe all you can do is help a friend or neighbor to be able to keep or care for their animals, or find it in your heart (& wallet) to care for just one more animal that needs a home. Maybe all you can do right now is take part in the pawpawties that are helping so many shelters and animals. But all of us together, that can make a large difference for the benefit of the animals.

Be sure and catch up on all the latest anipal events and news at The Anipal Times and visit the BlogPaws webpage, and follow both on twitter! Our Charity shelter for tonight's pawty is the Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue in Aurora, Colorado. There is a donation widget over to the right if you can help.

Remember every one of you can be the change for the good of animals.

Now, on to all of our tropical treats!
 We hope you all enjoy some of our Pawpawty Cafe favorites!

First we have a little Coconut and Bacon! pastry shell filled with Pineapple Nip Custard and fresh fruit
Oh, a pawpawty favorite here! Our Pineapple Nip shortbread cookie with an adorable Lemon Nip frosting

If there's one thing the anipals love it's tasty treats! Here we have White Chocolate Covered Strawberries. Order a dozen to share with friends! 
Another favorite of the anipals? Niptinis!! Couldn't be a pawty without them. These little nip flavored sugar cookies are always a hit!
Here we have Orange and Bacon! Fortune Cookies guaranteeing a good time will be had at the pawty!
A Blue Hawaiian Pineapple and Nip Cupcake. Makes the cats feel like singing!
Tasty little Chocolate and Rawhide cups filled with Orange and Mango or Key Lime and Nip Mousse!

Oh, yummy ...Our Pineapple and Bacon! Cake! Beautifully decorated with our Lemon and Nip Frosting. Eating the flowers is optional!
A perennial pawpawty favorite! Our Beer and Bacon! Balls. Served with our own special secret recipe Bacon! Hooch Dipping Sauce
Another favorite with the anipals. Our Apple Bacon! Cheddar Scones. A tasty little treat for those who wants something a little less sweet.

And for those looking for sweet? Our crunchy Rawhide Cinnamon Roll Cookies!

Oh, an ultimate pawpawty treat! Bacon! Chocolate Cake with our special Pineapple filling!
OoooOoh! Our Kiwi Nip Gingersnap!
Sure to bring you tropical dreams!
We hope you are having a wonderful time at the #ATPawty/ #Blogpaws event. Please donate to Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue if you can.

~~~~~~ ✿ ~~~~~~

Normally Cookie Cafe has just sweet treats, but we promised you a tropical buffet, so get in line

I wonder what tasty tropical treats we'll find here!

How about we start with some Bacon! Pineapple Cheese toast? Yummy!
An all time favorite with the pawpawty crowd. Bacon! Bouquets!!

Want something a little salty and a little sweet? Try our Chili, Lime, and Coconut Nip Snack Mix!

A taste treat especially for the humans! Our Maui Onion Rings with a tasty Bacon! Beer dipping sauce
Sure to please both Humans AND Anipals, our Bacon! Wrapped Scallops done in a Pineapple Teriyaki sauce
Our special Bean and Bacon! Dip with Papaya Nip cheese!
A tasty Gorgonzola Cheese with Bacon! and Walnuts in a crispy wonton shell

Just what the cats ordered!! Sashimi!!

Oh here's a very special luau treat! Char Siu Roasted Pork! With just that extra special hint of Nip!
Or how about some Teriyaki Beef Rolls? We'll gladly substitute Nip for the green onions!

Everyone will enjoy this! Lomi Lomi Salmon with Shrimp, served with Coconut Nip Rice or in an Avocado.
Oh, I think this just might be my personal favorite right here! Mahi Mahi and Bacon! Fish Tacos

OK, I take it all back! Love, love, love the Bacon!

We've got the WHOLE PIG!!
~~~~~~  ~~~~~~

If there's one thing the anipals enjoy it's having a fun time at the pawpawty bar!
So ome on in and enjoy some of their tropical favorites!

How about a Meow Tai?
A tasty Rum, Nip, and Pineapple creation sure to curl your tail!
A pawpawty necessity! The Fail Whale Shooters! 

The Wild Berry Doguri! Our own special blend of fresh Berries Lime, rum and a touch of Bacon!
Our tasty Meowjitos are made with extra Nip and Mint!
We always have our great Hank's Bacon! Beer!
Served good and cold with an extra rasher of Bacon!

For our younger anipals, or those who would like a non-alcoholic beverage, we have plenty of soft drinks and of course, Hank's Bacon! Root Beer!

One of our pawty specialities!
Hank's Bacon! Beer or Root Beer served in a chilled Bacon! Mug!

Our tropical Niptinis infused with plenty of Nip, Frangipani,
 and just a touch of Pineapple and Coconut!

Our Million Stars on the Beach. PepiSmartDog sometimes adds his special Diamond Dust!

"♫ I like Pina Coladas..."
Ours are served with a Pineapple Teriyaki Bacon! Swizzle Stick!

You just can't have a pawty without our Meowgaritas!

Pam’s Clipart Images
Coffees and Smoothies

Our special Ti Double Latte, with just a touch of Coconut and Nip!
The Calling You Cappuccino with just a hint of Cinnamon and Bacon!
In need of a quick pick me up?
 Our Kona Coffee is always fresh and tasty!

Our Teas are always a big hit, especially with those cats!


Our Fresh Fruit Smoothies! In a wide variety of great tropical fruit flavors

 We hope you have enjoyed our #ATPawty #BlogPaws Cookie Cafe. We have so enjoyed having you drop by, feel free to come back any time and check out our latest Pawpawty goodies!

If you can please remember to donate to our wonderful charity shelter.

Thanks again, and
Aloha from the Flicka da Cookie Cafe crew!


Please be sure and visit tropical plants flowers and , The Noble Pig , Pam's Clip Art and authentic Where I found many of the luau recipes and ideas!