Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Welcome to the Twenty Four Hour Flicka da Cookie Cafe

Grand Opening in Honor of #dudefest

The Flicka da Cookie Cafe

Presented to you by Cookie man @sadlovelyheart
and Flicka @flicka47

A scrumpcious preview of some of our wonderful cookies!

When you are ready to enjoy a real meal be sure and visit the #dudefest BBQ and Cantina. Brutus and Hank have some wonderful noms and tasty drinks! Bacon Beer,yeah!

Bacon Apple Brownies
With a sprinkling of brown sugar
cinnamon, and nip for our cat friends

If you need help getting to the #dudefest site, and aren't sure how TweetGrid works,  just send us a message, we'll get you there!

The sweet sour Lemon Lettuce Cookie for our rabbit,hamster,and bird friends. Also available in a Lemon Scallop Nip variety for our cat friends! Frosted with Bacon Butter Creme!

Lemon Salmon Crisps
     Served with a tasty Bacon &
    Chive dipping sauce

One of our fancier cookies,
The Pineapple Bacon Luau Cookie!
    Yup, you're there in       The Islands, burping
 on the beach.

Bacon and Beer Balls
  Two distinct flavors here,  served with
 our special BBQ  flavored dipping sauce made
 from our secret recipe,
using Hank's Beer! You can taste the foam!

Made especially for our cat friends~
The Grilled Tuna and Bacon Bar
there's nip in the glaze for that
extra kick!

Cherry Pork Roast Fortune Cookies
Schezwan Style! With a fortune message guaranteeing you another Bacon Beer!

Bacon Haystacks!                       For our more adventurous rabbit, hamster, and birds friends. Made with the finest Timothy hay. Bacon free version available also!

Oooooooooh,   The Chicbaconduken Cookie!  With Chicken, Bacon, AND Duck,             flavored with orange

The picture is worth a thousand drools,  The Beer Bacon White Cornmeal Muffin.
 Order extra to enjoy with your Tootybrutie
 from the #Dudefest Cantina!

Another offering for our rabbit, hamster,and bird friends,the Raspberry and Sunflower Cookie, with a bacon button center!

Please remember when donating for your cookies to use the 1stGiving link at the top of the page.
Harvest Hills Animal Shelter thanks you and so do we!

These little gems? The Smokey Bacon Double Cheeseburger Cookie.   Served with a dipping sauce made from Hank's Bacon Beer, mustard and molasses

Now these may look like your basic peanut butter cookie, but they are our  
  Ballpark Surprise Cookie!
Made with peanut butter, hotdogs, bacon, and Hank's Bacon Beer!
(gluten free, well except for whatever is in the hops from Hank's Beer!)

Here we have The Three B's!  Banana, Blueberry, and Bacon! Made with oats, molasses, and honey.

A treat made especially for our English friends,  but everyone will enjoy, The Bacon, Apple, and Cheddar Cheese Scone. Served with a healthy dollop of
 Joisey Creme or Beer Butter

Well now, this isn't really a cookie, but who could resist Chocolate Dipped Bacon?

We hope you'll enjoy nomming on our cookies.Please remember to help
 Harvest Hills Animal Shelter and to support your own local shelter!

Thank you so much for visiting The Flicka da Cookie Cafe,
We hope you have enjoyed our cookies and #dudefest!

Flicka and the Cookie man


  1. Yummy in the tummy. I can't wait to eat!!!! Nice job Flicka.

  2. Wow, Cookie! NeesanKitty and Toonces 2 are getting really hungry! Purrrssss

  3. Now I'z starbin!!! Pawsome!!! Hugs, Mattiedog

  4. nom nom nom nom... Pippin (of @angelicinsights) loves your cafe!