Monday, December 7, 2009

The Merry Christmas Eve Pawpawty

Merry Christmas Everyone!

  As many of you know @sadlovelyheart's hoomin has to be away on business for next several months, so we are going to miss him this Christmas. But we will try to bring you all some wonderful Christmas Spirit here with some tasty Christmas cookies and holiday libations!
 And just look who showed up to help in the Flicka da Cookie Cafe for the #catmaseve pawty! It's the Little Bear, @marshallsheldon!

And so here's some of our favorite Christmas Cookies...better get some before the bear eats them all...snicker...

I saw Mommie Kissing Santa Claus
Underneath the Christmas Tree Cookie

Let it SnowFlake Cookie!

Let it Snow!

Let it Snow!   In the extra nip version, or extra beef!

The dogs no longer have to go over the river and thru the woods! The Merry Christmas Fire Hydrant Cookie!

Santa's eyes,how they twinkled,his dimples so merry.
his cheeks were like roses, his nose like a
Blonde Cherry !

A song for every heart to see.
 A Light shining from Above, Giving Everlasting Love.
A Christmas Star that lights the way

Please have Snow, and Mistletoe, and Presents on the Tree

       Christmas Eve will Find Me  Where I Long to Be Gingerbread House

(Yeah, it really is a Gingerbread house!)

The Holly and the Ivy
Now both are full well grown.

We Three Guinea Pigs of Orient Are,

Nomming on a Nip Cigar!

Following Yonder Star !

Please remember to donate to
Black Cat Rescue for your cookies at the link above

Good master and good mistress,
As you sit beside the fire,

Pray think of us poor animals
Who wander in the mire.

Love and joy come to you, And to you your wassail, too,
And God bless you, and send you

A Happy New Year

Up on the Housetop the Reindeer Fly...snicker...

We Saw Three Ships Come Sailing By

All I Want for Christmas is My Snickerdoodle

Silver Bells,Silver Bells,It's Christmas Time in the City

Angels we have Heard on High,Sweetly Singing O'er the Plain

You Know Dasher,and Dancer,and Comet and Cupid...

This little fellow showed up to help me serve you some Christmas goodies!
He said no Christmas pawty could be complete without some Christmas candies,
so here are the Christmouse's selections

Feliz Navidad,   Feliz Navidad,     I Want to Wish You a Merry Christmas Marzipan Fruit

It's Gonna Be a Hard Candy Christmas

I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Paws Truffles

City Sidewalks, Busy Sidewalks Dressed in Holiday Style
Oh,Holy Night, the Stars are Brightly Shining Divinity
Walking in a Winter Wonderland Marzipan Snowmen

Um,this is a Cookie,There's lots of Christmas Cookies out there, But not too many Hanukah Cookies...

And then little Santa Claws showed up! He promised the Christmouse and me that he was bringing visions of Sugar Plums!
Well, at least these are very tasty and will go very well with the cookies
 and candies!

Oh,the Weather Outside is Frightful Hot Chocolate,non-alcholic, or with Peppermint Snapps

But The Fire is So Delightful Eggnog

And Since We've No Place To Go Tom and Jerry
Please remember to donate to Black Cat Rescue that their animals may have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Let your heart be light
From now on,our troubles will be out of sight
Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Make the Yule-tide gay,
From now on, our troubles will be miles away.
Here we are as in olden days, Happy golden days of yore.
Faithful friends who are dear to us Gather near to us once more.
Through the years we all will be together,
If the Fates allow
Hang a shining star upon the highest bough.

And Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Now.

Wishing All of You a Wonderful Christmas and a Very Happy New Year
from Flicka, the Cookie Man, and the Little Bear. 

May your Days
be Merry and Bright,
and May all Your Christmases be White


  1. Woof! Yummy ... Delish. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  2. Thank you for makig these great cookies for us all! *ducky hugs*