Wednesday, January 25, 2012

#Chickfest !

Welcome to the Chickfest Cookie Cafe!

Aww, don't worry guys, we'll have lots of goodies here for you too!
So, we'll have lots of tasty treats for you Dudes as well as the Chicks!

Please be sure and visit the Jaba Jazz eCafe for a complete menu of wonderful noms.

You can donate to Rainbow Rehoming Centre , our charity this month either from the sidebar here, or at the Jaba Jazz.

Be sure and play the quizzes! It's lots of fun to do. There's one approximately every 20 minutes and there are some great prizes! If you haven't played before, talk to us and we'll tell you how, It's easy!

And now, The Cookies and Treats of the Day ~

So, what do you think?  Is this a good way to start? A Chocolate Heart filled with White Chocolate Truffles, and Chocolate-Covered Strawberries. (it's OK for Dogs too, today ONLY!)

OK, so maybe something a little less rich? A 60s Chickfest Daisy? In Tuna, Nip, or Bacon! flavors! Or, maybe a couple of each?

Oh,now here's something guaranteed to please both the chicks and the dudes! A Salmon Souffle with Bacon! and a dollop of Nip Creme!

Ooooww, Giant! Bacon! Cookies! A special taste treat sensation, made with Bacon!, Oatmeal, Cranberries, imported White Chocolate chunks, and a special blend of Anipal approved spices!

Grasshopper pie! A sweet but light taste treat here, especially favored by ducks, but with a special blend of nip that makes it irresistable for the kitties! 
Waffle Cookies? You will never guess where we gathered the special ingredients for this one ! Made with carefully cooked BBQ'd Beef Bones, and flavored with our pilfered  special stock of @BrewskieButt's Bacon! Hooch! Surprisingly sweet and crunchy!

This little globe is a special treat for our rabbit and rodent friends! The rest of us may enjoy the flowers while they are waiting for it to melt!
These little bite-sized treat cups come in a variety of flavors. Strawberry Salmon Nip, and Bacon! Hooch Creme are just a couple of the choices! Order two or two dozen, if you'd like to share!
Our Gorgeous Spring Garden Cookie! Now these little beauties are guaranteed to please! So Dudes, you had better order a dozen for your favorite Chick! Almond flavored with real tiny flowers on top!
Just look at these Golden Delicious Beauties! These cookies have a surprising blend of Apple and Bacon! Go ahead Chicks, tempt your Dude with one of these, they're irresistable!
For any of you Anipals that would like a cup of tea to accompany your treats here at Cookie Cafe, we have many Kitty, Puppy, and Rodent approved flavors!
Are you having a great time at Chickfest? If so please tip your great barktenders and DJs, and be sure to tell all your friends to join us!

These little Lemon Drops come in Trout with Bacon!, or Tuna with Nip flavors!
Feeling exotic? Our Pineapple Blueberry Cake is sure to please. Made with Macadamia Nuts and a sprinkling of Bacon! Order a whole one to share, or individual cakelets
A Very Jazzy Fruit Tart! Especially for the Norty Tarts amongst us!...snicker...
A special Chickfest version of our Bacon! and Beer Balls! Order a tray to share. Special Bacon!, Tuna, and Nip Sauce is already in the frosting!
These little dark Chocolate Cups come with a tasty creme center, and a Chocolate Carmel Heart topper!

Need help figuring out how to win some of the fabulous prizes we have for the quizzes? Give us a tweet, and we'll tell you how easy it is to play!

These tasty little gems have a shortbread center and come in Dark Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, and Peanut Butter Nip!
Oh, Carmels! Made with heavy cream and a touch of sea salt. Sure to please the Chicks and the Dudes! In Vanilla, Chocolate, Bacon!, and Nip flavors!
The Bacon! Bouquet! A guaranteed hit with everyone! Made with the finest Applewood Smoked Bacon!
Need a little something cool and not too sweet to go with your cookie? How about a Mint Meowjito? made with Lime and the finest Nip flavored rum!

Oooow, Honey Cake! Especially for the Teddy Anipals,but loved by ebearyone! Made with lots of butter, tasty spices, and lots and lots of honey!

It's everybody's Spring favorite! Lemon Meringue Fruit Tart. For the more adventurous, served with a special Trout and Nip sauce!
 This little gem will knock your Kitten Mittens off! Raspberry curd in a special graham cracker crust, with just a hint of Bacon!(OK, so more than just a hint!)
And one special last treat especially for the Grandmas, @frugaldougal's & @OllyTeds, Coconut Mushroom Sweeties.(Yeah, we snuck some nip in there!)

The Cookie Cafe crew all hope you have all had a wonderful time at Chickfest. Please come back as many times as you'd like to get another Cookie! If you can please donate to Rainbow Rehoming Centre using the link in the sidebar on this page, or at the Jaba Jazz eCafe! The barktenders and DJs all work very hard to help make this pawpawty a sucess, show them you appreciate their work!

~ Flicka47, OllyTed, MarshallSheldon, PepperPom & Cookie Man