Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Catmas Eve!!


Merry Catmas Eve!
 We hope you all enjoy this evening with friends. We have lots of tasty treats for tonite, so join in and have a great time!

Please be sure and visit our charity shelter Black Cat Rescue . Scroll on down the page to find George the Duck and the Mostly Black Cats' link to their Firstgiving donation page. (There's also a chip over on the right if you prefer that method to donate), and you'll find the same donation widgets over at the Jabba Jazz menu page!

Enjoy, and a Very Merry Catmas to all!

 Oh, the reindeer are all set to take off on their trip tonight! A little shortbread cookie with colored coconut nip frosting

"Let it Snow!" These little coconut and marshmellow snowmen are all ready for Santa's visit

 Of course we have Catmas Ribbon Candy! Couldn't have an Old-Fashion Catmas Eve without it!!
 Heh, and it wouldn't be a pawty without Bacon! Chocolate covered!!

 A tasty Lemon and Nip Sugar Cookie Bell. Get plenty to share with friends!
 Brrrr!! These little gingerbread snowmen say it's cold outside! But we'll all be warm and cozy at our
Catmas Eve pawty
 Our little Holly Basket cookie is made from Beef Rawhide with Bacon! Beer Butter Cream frosting.


 A couple little ornaments for your tree. Of course we know you cats will climb the tree to hang them!!
A sugar cookie with cinnamon and
extra nip!!
  Decorated Gingerbread cookies that smell as good as they taste!
 Chocolate snowflake cookies with our secret ingredient.
 Tasty Gingerbread snowflake cookies. No two exactly alike!
 Our Holiday Hydrants! Especially to make the dogs happy, but everyone will love the Cinnamon cookie!
The Stars are brightly shining! A shortbread star to share with friends.

We hope you are having a wonderful time at the Catmas Eve pawty. Please support Black Cat Rescue if you can. And go check out the wonderful catering done by the Jabba Jazz crew for the pawty!

Now, how about a Holiday drink?

 Of, course we have Champagne! Served with a strawberry and a nip garnish!

 A nice warm mug of Hot Chocolate is always a tasty treat! Served with a Candy Cane Swizzle Stick! With or without alcohol.

How about a tasty Dog Nog?
Made with lots of yummy whipped cream especially to make the kittys happy!

 Oh, you have just got to try a Chocolate Truffle! Dark Chocolate Bacon!, Peppermint Nip, or Tequila centers!

Or our Catmas Fruitcake White Chocolate Fudge!

 And of course we have Hank's Bacon Root Beer!
Served in a frosty cold mug!

AND the original!
Hank's Bacon! Beer!!
(what would Catmas Eve be without it!!)
 Want something just a little more tasty? How about a Hank's Bacon! Root Beer Float?

Something a little lighter? Try our Carmel Appletini, served with a side of Bacon!

A little something to nibble on with your Dog Nog or Appletini? Try our Howlwaiian Trail Mix with Bacon!, Pineapple and Tropical Nuts!
Wishing Everyone a Wonderful Catmas!

The Flicka da Cookie Crew

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