Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pawpawtying at the Royal Wedding

Wow! Don't all of you look nice in your Wedding finery!
We hope to have some tasty Royal treats for all of you this time. Please be sure and visit our charity shelter Animal House located in Huntley IL, and donate if you can. Donation widgets can be found here, at the Jabba Jazz Bar and eCafe , and at our newest
Pawpawty eatery,
Gil's Ice Wedding Pub!

(Me cruising around before pawpawty in my British Sports Car)

On to the treats!

 A simple but elegant cookie here.
Butterscotch, Bacon! and Cashews
Chocolate Fruit Cups here, in a variety of tempting flavors. Bacon! Raspberry, Nip Strawberry, Blackberry surprise just to name a few!

 Our Royal Crown Cupcakes.
 Lemon Nip Cupcakes topped with a Blue Agave frosting, definitely the way to start the celebration!
 Lemon Nip and Bacon! Orange Cupcakes here, topped with candied citrus slices
  Mini Ladyfingers Fruit Tarts with a Cheesecake and Bacon! Base
Cherries Jubilee! Now that sounds like a  Flaming way to celebrate a Royal wedding! With Nip Tequila Ice Cream!

 A very elegant White Tuna Cake with a Lemon Nip filling. Perfect for Pawpawty Royalty! (which is YOU!)
 Turkish Delight! In an assortment of flavors all the anipals will love! Honey Blackberry, Nip Raspberry, Bacon! Date to name a few!
Royal Peacock Cookies! Our Lemon Nip Sugar cookie with Super Nip and Tequila Royal Frosting!

 How about some of our Mini Orange and Nip Cheesecake with a Chocolate Graham Cracker base. Very tasty!
Red Roses for Love! What better way to celebrate! These sugar cookies are Bacon! and Cinnamon flavored for the spice of life!

Forget-Me-Not Shortbread Squares! Bright and sunny, like we hope the Wedding Day will be! Made with lots of Butter and Honey!

For those who would like something a little less sweet, we have our Bacon! Cheese Toast. Heavy on the Bacon! by request!
Here we have our English Toffee Cheesecake. An especially tasty Lemon Nip Cheesecake topped with a Bacon! Toffee sauce

A Cookie Cafe speciality, the Apple, Cheddar, Bacon! Scone. Served with Clotted Creme fresh from Jersey
 For all you anipals encourage by the Royal Wedding, we have our Bacon! Bouquet for you to give your own sweetie! Comes in a 1, 2 or 4 dozen size.
 Here's our very elegantly dressed Chocolate Covered Strawberries! In a Nip flavored White Chocolate, or Bone flavored Dark Chocolate
Ah, the Flower of Love! A Raspberry Salmon Cake with a Nip Chocolate frosting and 24 carat gold covered Rawhide Flowers! What's not to love?
Our fabulous Apple Tuna Shortcake served with Nip Brandied Creme. Sure to make an impression!

Here we have our Lemon Nip Pawprint Cookies. Lite and tasty!

We hope you are all having a wonderful time at the Pawpawty Royal Wedding. We have lots of fun things to do, noms to eat, and the world's best barktenders and DJs. Be sure to say Hi! to them!
And if you can please donate here, at the Jabba Jazz, the official pawpawty page, or Gil's Ice Pub. All donations go to our pawpawty charity, Animal House.

Westminister Abbey, the site of the Royal Wedding

Some tasty beverages for our Pawpawty

Of course we have Bacon! Beer!! It woudn't be a pawpawty without it! 
Served in a traditional Bacon! Mug
 Or, in an Icy Glass Mug or Bottle!
And our very tasty Hank's Bacon! Root Beer for our younger anipals 
How about a tasty Royal Nip Meowjito?

We are also serving some wonderful English Teas, flowers optional!
Especially for our cat anipals, the Coral Beauty and Fresh Nip Tea is sure to hit the spot!

All of our Teas, and Cappucinos served in lovely heart-shaped cups in honor of the Royal Wedding!

Fresh Shrimp, and other tasty treats will be served as appetizers to go with your drink selections

The Shaken, not Stirred Meowgarita! The preferred drink of a certain Secret Agent Cat!

 Champagne is the perfect way to celebrate a wedding!
 And bowls of Strawberries and Nip Cream to go with your Champagne!
The Pink Panther! Champagne, Grenadine and Cherries! 
 The Appletini
Served with a side of Bacon!
Our Wild Berry Dogquiri.
Guaranteed to bring out the pawty anipals!

We hope you have enjoyed our Royal Wedding Pawpawty selections. It has, as always been fun serving you! Be sure and visit Gil's and the Jabba Jazz!

If you can please donate to the Animal House. Even a dollar helps!

Thanks once again for visiting
the Cookie Cafe!

The Cookie Cafe Crew

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