Friday, June 17, 2011

Welcome to the Wild, Wild West!

And Welcome to the Cookie Cafe Saloon!
We're going to have some wonderfully tasty western treats, so you come on in, and sit a spell!
 There's a jukebox in the corner playing Hank and Willie, sawdust on the floor and the mechanical bull is just over there to the right.

Now, don't forget we have two more Great Saloons in this One Horse Town!
Be sure and visit the Jabba Jazz and Gil's Pub, and tell 'em I sent you.

Our special charity shelter for the Cowboys and Anipals Pawpawty is
The Humane Society of Greater Miami ,Florida
 Please visit their site and donate if you can!
Donation widgets can be found here over on the right, at the Jabba Jazz Saloon , and at Gil's Wild West Ice Pub.

Now, on to those Treats!
♠ ~ ♠

How about we start you off with some fresh from the oven
 Blueberry and Nip Muffins?
 Mighty tasty!
Fresh from our chuckwagon cookout dutch oven!
Deepdish Brown Sugar and Bacon! Apple Pie!
Of course we have our world famous Bacon! Cheeseburger Cookies! Order a dozen or so to share with your favorite outlaw! 

 Also a very tasty treat to share with friends, especially with a cup of our Campfire Coffee!
WHO? Our Great Western Horned Owl Shortbread Cookies, with a Rawhide and Nip Buttercream frosting!

 Little Cowgirl and her horse Strawberry

How about some of our Fresh Trout and Pumpkin Pie-In-A-Jar? Just the thing to take on a long cattle drive, or eat it here with a scoop of homemade Vanilla Nip Ice Cream!

Something to take along on those fence riding trips at dawn? Oh, yeah! Bacon! Maple Bars!!
Also available in Chocolate Rawhide!

Oh! Roy Rogers and Trigger would have both loved these! Cranberry Apple Oatmeal Cookies!!
Get a large saddlebag full to go!

Wild Flowers cover the West in the spring! Ours are a tasty little Lemon and Nip Sugar Cookie with Royal Nip frosting!
Apple and Rawhide Oatmeal Cookies with just a hint of Bacon! Beer flavoring!
Sure to please all your wranglers!!

While you are relaxing in our Saloon be sure and visit the General Store over at the Jabba Jazz!
I'm sure there are some really nice pawpawty rememberances there,

and all the profits go to  our charity!
♠ ~ ♠

Oh my! Who'd have thunk it?
Apple Pie Cupcakes with a Bacon! Buttercream Frosting.
Also available with a wedge of sharp Cheddar Cheese!

Cow Pies!! Ours are made with our own special Rawhide Waffle Cookies and drizzled with a Bacon! Hooch Chocolate frosting! 

A longtime favorite at the Cookie Cafe Saloon ~ Bacon! and Beer Balls! Served with our own Bacon! Hooch Dipping Sauce!

Get your "Support Your Local Sekurity Ossifer" badge here! Be sure and get plenty to share with our hard-working Sekurity!
The Fork in the Road Peanutbutter Cookie!!
But ours come on a napkin!

Sunflowers greet you at dawn in the West! Ours are a tasty little Lemon Shortbread Cookie with a Nip Frosting!

Our Wagon Wheel Rawhide and Cinnamon Rolls!

The Watering Hole
♠ ~ ♠ 

Wild Horses at the Watering Hole Monument Valley from

 Our very tasty Western Grasshopper!
 With Créme de Menthe, Créme de Cacao, Créme de Nip, and our own homemade Vanilla Ice Cream
The Brave Bull. Especially for our Tequila drinking Gatos!! With Kaluha and Nip. A Shot of Fresh Cream on request!

            The Rooster!      Wild turkey, Cinnamon Schnapps with Gold Dust, and sarsaparilla. Comes with it's own Rawhide Chew Lariet

Chocolate-covered Bacon! For all our Cowboy and Anipal Friends!

 Now what would a Pawpawty be without a Meowgarita!?! Ours are made with the best Tequila and Nip!
Our Western Sunset Sangria, goes purrfectly with a Chuckwagon Dinner!

 Cowboy Cowpaccinos made to order!
Our own Special Blend of Campfire Coffee! Perked in an enamel pot!

 Of course we have Bacon! Beer in a Bacon! Mug!!
 You had to ask??
And plenty of Ice Cold Hank's Bacon! Root Beer  for our younger anipals too!

Our Western Stargazer! Filled with millions of stars, just like the Western night sky! Blue Curaçao and 1800© Tequila

♥ ~ ♥
Flicka, doing what she always does to me ~ laugh!
She says she ain't going on no cattle drive!
 I can walk!!

♠ ~ ♠
We hope you have had a wonderful time visiting the
Wild, Wild West and the Cookie Cafe Saloon.
 If you can please donate to The Humane Society of Greater Miami!

Thanks for visiting and y'all come back now ya hear!

♠ ~ ♠
The Cookie Cafe Posse

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