Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day ~ Shakespeare in Love ~

Welcome to the Valentine's Flicka da Cookie Cafe
in Honor of the Lover's, the Dreamer's,
 and RudyCKat

Did you forget to get a Valentine for your Special Someone?
Well, we have some tasty treats that will make you 
smile, and your Sweetheart sigh !

This might be just the ticket to get that certain someone to see how much you care! Salmon Colored Roses and a Pink and Red Pineapple Nip Valentine Cake.  How could she say no?!

How about some special Valentine's Chocolate Truffles. In Raspberry, Nip, or Bacon flavors. Delivered to your Sweetheart in a delightful Red Heart Keepsake Box!
Or maybe this Bouquet is more to your Darling's taste! Chocolate covered Strawberries in a convienent five, ten or a full dozen "buds".
To go along with your special treat selection for your Valentine, we have the finest of Champagnes.  From a vintage Dog Perignon to a Tobin James Dreamweaver, we have the perfect beverage for a Romantic Moment for two!
Or maybe some of these beautiful 24Kt Gold embossed flowers served on a chocolate cheesecake? Sure to make a big hit with your special someone!
Or maybe a very tasty Chocolate covered Bacon! gellato for two? We promise that your Sweetheart will not be cold to you after this little treat!

Oooh, every Valentine will love these Orchids!

How about a very elegant Bacon! Manhatten served with a Twist of Lemon and a candied Bacon! Swizzlestick?
You can place a surprise for your intended in the bottom of the glass!

Please remember to kindly tip your Barktenders and DJ's who have help to make this romantic date with your Valentine special. There is a donation Widget at the top of this page for the RudyCKat Memorial benefiting Maine Coon Rescue.
Thanks for enjoying the Flicka da Cookie Cafe!
Please feel free to drop by the TeddyOlympic Athlete's Village any time this weekend!
Where you will find noms and drinks suitable for any Teddy Bear picnic!


  1. Oh catness! Everything is so elegant and bootiful! I think I should get her one of da orchids! Purrs (signed: Smokey8 fr Twitter)

  2. You always amaze me wif UR beautiful goodies! So nice to spwead lub & dats what U do! *smooches*

  3. Sorry my internet connection made it hard to tweet much during the #rudypawty but I was watching and the cookies were mahvelous!