Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy First Anniversary to #Pawpawty

Welcome to the Cookie Cafe's Celebration
 of the
First Anniversary Pawpawty!

A Very Happy St Pawty's Day To You!
Please be sure and stop by to get some wonderful noms and drinks at Jaba Jazz Bar & eCafe ! Donations to our shelter can be made there or from the sidebar here.
Please tip your wonderful Barktenders and DJs!

Green Cookies? We've got them!

These happy smiling litle guys are so glad to be here to help us celebrate!

Here we have a whole Leprechaun's Pot of Shamrocks for your nibbling pleasure!
And look! Sneaking in from last year's Easter Pawty Green Tulips and
 candy eggs! (Look out little bunny!)

Here are our Green (anipal safe!) Chocolate Chip cookies!
This little Fishy swam all the way from PussyCat Island to help us celebrate. He brought all his friends in Tuna, Salmon, and Bacon! flavors, so have as many as you'd like

A Green Chili tops this Cinco de Mayo Pawty cupcake! 
(bet we can find a Green Barkarita to go with them!)

Planes, Trains, and Green Automobiles have come on a Weekendroadtrip to join the celebration from all over the world!
Green Surfboards, and Palms crusing in their Woody are on a Surfin'Safari, in a very special Super Nip flavor!
And coming Back from the Eighties, a favorite of birds, bunnies, and dogs,the Pistachio Tuile cookie!
They were not hiding the Green at Woodstock, but there were lots of Brownies! These special Nip Brownies are served with a Scoop of Bacon! Ice cream.

Like Wow,Man!

Have you ever seen a Green Lamb Down on The Farm? Me neither,maybe they ate too many of the Woodstock Brownies!
Or maybe those Lambs picked way too many of these Green Lime and Walnut gems ?
And this little Green Monster has showed up from the Howloween Pawpawty to congratulate all the anipals, or give us the raspberries......snicker...
Heh, nobody was Green at the Wedding Pawpawty,   except maybe Hans!
Christmas Stars and Green Trees are here once again to help the celebration!
In Nip, Salmon , and Bacon! flavors!
Viva Wag Vegas! Elvis is green with Envy! Even he doesn't have as many loyal fans as the Pawpawty!
A special Cheesecake, with Fruit and Chocolate.

All the Flags, and all the Pagentry of the Anipal Olympic Winter Games! A celebration of the sucess of dreams come true.
A Special Mocha and Bacon! flavored cake!


And here we are, a whole year later! I hope your year was as special as mine. I have met so many wonderful anipals that care so much about the welfare of animals that have no voice of their own. Folks that help animals in ways large and small. And especially @frugaldougal and @RomeotheCat, we are all honored to have made their aquaintance!
May the Pawpawty always be a testament to a little idea with big results! We may not save them all, but we will save all the ones we can.
Saving Animals, One Paw At A Time.

Please be sure and visit the Jaba Jazz Bar & eCafe to enjoy their wonderful menu and go take a look at the Souvenier Shoppe! There is a link there, as well at the top of this page to donate to PotCakes. All of the little donations everyone makes add up to a great deal of help for our shelters.

Thank you from me and from everyone associated with the pawpawty for helping homeless animals


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