Friday, May 14, 2010

Pajama Pawty Treats

Oh,this is gonna be fun! Just think of all the goodies there are to nibble on at a pajama pawty! You can have as many as you'd like. Cookies, candy and snacks of all sorts! Please remember to visit the Jaba Jazz Bar & eCafe for even more tasty treats.

Don't forget that all donations go to A Chance for Bliss. Please visit @frugaldougal's pawpawty page to read about them. Or you can use the donation widget here at the top of the sidebar to the right.

So let's get to all those tasty late night treats!

Here's the perfect combination of pajama pawty treats!
Cotton Candy, Carmel Corn and Chocolate!
Everything except Bacon!

How about some nice chewy Oatmeal and Carmel Chip cookies? Just maybe we can find a glass of milk to go with them!

Hey there's a glass of milk! And some Bacon!, and Tuna, and Nip cookies!

Cranberry, Oatmeal, and White Chocolate anyone? In plain, Super Nip or Bacon! varieties.

How about some little fruit tarts? With a special honey and nip sauce!

Here we have a mint and melon sorbet, or for the kitties amongst us it is available with nip!

Craving something a little salty? These Onion Rings should hit the spot!

Maybe cupcakes are more to your taste? In Lemon, Raspbery, Tuna, and Bacon! Flavors.

Ooooh, Giant Chocolate Covered Strawberries! And just for tonite, the dogs can have some too!
How about a special cup of Hot Chocolate? Lots of marshmellows and some special Gingersnaps with a Lemon and Bacon! frosting!

A very special treat here! Chocolate covered Bacon!

S'Mores anyone? These little Chocolate and Graham Cracker cookies with Marshmellow are very tasty!

Truffles anyone? A pajama pawty would be complete without some chocolate!

Oh, we just have to have a special Bacon! Manhatten! 

Or a very special nip Meowjito!

And what Pajama Pawty would be complete without Popcorn? In Bacon!, Nip, and Cinnamon RedHots flavors!

We hope you have enjoyed our Pajama Pawty treats here at the Cookie Cafe. Please remember to tip your Barktenders, DJs, and Cookie Servers! You will be helping our wonderful rescue tonight, A Chance for Bliss! There is a donation link at the top of this page as well as @frugaldougal's pawpawty page and BarkExpo's blog page. Any amount helps, even a dollar!


Thanks again for visiting The Flicka da Cookie Cafe!

Flicka and Cookie man

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