Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pawpawty Paw's Kitchen!

 Welcome to the Anipals Pawpawty Paw's Kitchen, Cookie Cafe style!!

 Oh my, isn't this gonna be a ton of fun! Cookie man and I have lots of guest Cookie chefs for this pawpawty, including Laddie, Bijntie, and Marshall Sheldon. We're not much good at competition, but we're really good at bringing you some of the funnest cookies out there!

 Please remember to help our charity shelter if you can. North West English Springer Spaniel Rescue is a very wonderful UK shelter that has been helping place Springer Spaniels in forever homes for many years.You can use the donation widget here in the sidebar at the right, or visit the Jaba Jazz Bar and eCafe, where you will also find a donation widget.(You might also like to play the theme song of a certain cooking show over there in the sidebar while browsing our cookies!)

 So, what's cooking at the Cookie Cafe?

These little beauties come from a recipe Bijntje found for us! A Dutch Spritz Shortbread made with lots of butter,and a ton of honey! Sure to be popular with our Teddy Anipals!

OH! Very special little chocolate cups filled with an assortment of flavored cremes.                                             
                    Choose from Super Nip, Bacon!, Raspberry, or Chili!
Bet these could win in any cooking competition!

Another new tasty creation, Pie In A Jar!  Comes in many varieties ~ Bacon! & Apple, Salmon & Cream,       Shrimp & Nip to name just a few!

One of our perennial favorites! The Bacon! Apple & Oatmeal Cookie! Order a dozen or so, they disappear fast!
Blueberry, almond and just a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg make these little bear pawprints a very crispy treat!
Is it just too early for you to consider cookies? How about one of our Bacon! Apple Cornbread Muffins?

Please be sure and visit the Paw's Kitchen Jaba Jazz Bar and eCafe , where Java, George and all our wonderful barktenders have a great menu and are waiting to serve you!( I'm running over there right now to get a #11, any of you kittys want to share a prawn with me?)

I'm also gonna check out the Pawpawty store while there, Java's got some cool items and profits go to our charity.

Don't forget to go to Rascal B Cool 's blog and give him your favorite recipe, or if you'd like he needs taste testers! It's for the Anipal cookbook he's putting together (he's hoping to have it done next month!), so be sure and check it out!

AND, have you gone over to Kolo's World and entered to win the donkey adoption yet? Leave him a comment on why you'd like to adopt a donkey, or if you don't have a blogger account just DM him and you're entered!

Now back to da Cookies!

These little Scallops are just that! Especially for our kitty friends, but flavored with Bacon! for our dog friends! Comes with our special lemon and butter  frosting!

A very special(and Viennese Correct!) Sacher Torte.Two layers of extra rich chocolate cake with an apricot filling covered with our own chocolate glaze! Perfect and award winning!

Do you think these Tuna cookies are headed to their cooking school? Maybe a grilling course?       ...snicker...

These Chocolate Orange Napoleans are light and flaky with a special Nip and Chocolate Chip Creme filling.

Here's the Little Bear, Marshall Sheldon's favorite cookie for Paw's Kitchen. A Honey and Blueberry Bar, just the thing for hungry teddies!
This little cookie is for all the wonderful anipals that work & pawty so hard to help homeless animals.                     You are all Stars!

Ooooww! My favorite cookie of all time! A     Bacon!         ...Snicker...  doodle!

Here's another special Dutch Cookie Bijntje found for us! They're called Speculaas and are a rich Chocolate and Almond cookie. Bijntje says they are very tasty with Hot Chocolate!

And here is Cookie man's all time favorite ~ The Long Awaited Love Chocolate Cheesecake !

Shhh,don't anyone tell the Brew we swiped a couple of jugs of his special Bacon! Hooch. We have enough for any of you anipals that would like some to go with your cookies! Or we can get you a big glass of milk,or a steaming mug of Hot Chocolate! Let us know your preference!

We hope you have enjoyed the Paw's Kitchen Cookie Cafe as much as we have enjoyed serving you! If you can please remember to use the donation widget at the top of the page to help North West English Springer Spaniel Rescue. And be sure to visit The Jaba Jazz Bar and eCafe , the Barktenders have lots of tasty goodies there!
Thanks again for joining us for the Pawpawty!
Flicka, Cookie man, Marshall Sheldon, Laddie, and Bijntje

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