Thursday, July 15, 2010

Anipal Academy Awards Pawpawty Cookie Cafe

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Anipal Academy Awards
Cookie Cafe

In honor of all the wonderful Anipals on Twitter and in the Blogosphere, this year the first Anipal Academy Awards are going to be given to some of the greatest, and kindest folk most of us will ever have the chance to know. But even if you're an anipal that doesn't win an award, I know no one could ever ask for more than knowing you, as you are all the best there is. So in honor of the Anipal Acadamy Awards, and you, I have searched the blogosphere high and low, from Paris to Tokyo, from Port-of-Spain to San Francisco to find the some of the most delightful desserts in the world.

Enjoy as many as you'd like (get some to share with your friends too), and come back as many times as you'd like. Please visit the Jaba Jazz Bar &eCafe pawpawty set and check out their wonderful menu and store. Also as always we have a wonderful charity to help support ~ Colorado State University Animal Cancer Center. Our donations will also be matched by Kari's Fund at CSU. Please use the widget in the sidebar here or at the Jaba Jazz

The Cookie Cafe is open for Pawpawty!

Just for #nipclub we have an extensive array of Fine nip cigars, nip toys, aged Liquors and Spirits. Please enjoy responsibly

Hank's Bacon! Root Beer for our younger anipals!

A Barkarita and a fancy dress! Now that's the way we pawpawty!

Presenting a crowning achievement in cupcakes! With Seafoam Green Butter Cream Frosting adorning a Lemon and Tuna mini-cake.

And these little Social Butterflies know that the place to be this weekend is the Anipal Academy Awards! A Chocolate and Bacon! Cookie with a very special Royal Frosting
A very special Maracaibo Milk Chocolate covers these Raspberry Gels. Also available in Lemon with Nip, and Bacon! with Pineapple.
Bararois de Poire Dacquoise Noix ~ Bavarian Pear Creme with a Hazelnut Meringue base served with a Carmel Sauce. also available with Bacon!
The "Hello Dolly" Cookie! In all of Dolly's favorite flavors! Bacon!, Bacon! Beefbone, and Bacon! Beer!

In celebration of the greatest anipals in the world, we are serving the greatest Champagne in the world!      
Armand de Brignac Gold!
It goes wonderfully with our cookie selections and comes in Magnum bottles to match your big hearts!

Anyone for a Strawberry?

For those wanting their strawberries a little fancier, we present the Strawberry Pavlova, plenty of sweet cream & heavenly Meringue shell!

A special treat for our chocolate lovers. Extra rich Chocolate Shortbread with our own Honey Carmel filling, dipped in Dark Chocolate   and drizzled with White Chocolate

WHO?? This little pair plan to stay up late to watch the awards! Order a large platter of these cute snicker doodles to share with friends as you cheer the winners!

These little baskets of roses are an award for all of our wonderful anipals! A Chocolate and Bacon! base with light sugar cookie baskets and special white Chocolate Fondant Flowers

Here's a summery little surprize! Nip with a caviar center and lemon buttercream frosting. Tasty!
Please remember our charity!

The Sirens of the Silver Screen Godiva Chocolate Decadence Cake. in the following flavors ~ Myrna Loy, Mango Marmalade; Marilyn Monroe, White Chocolate and Whipped Cream; Bridgette Bardot, French Brandy and Custard

Melting Bacon! Pear stuffed with Emmentaler Cheese and baked in a Honey and Calvados Brandy sauce

Please help yourself to some of our Chocolate Truffles and

Red and Black Currant Tarts
 with a Lemon Curd filling. Lightly sprinkled with Super Nip

A mini-cake Bouquet, delicately flavored with Rose petals. Each and every one an award for you!

This delicate Bavarian Dacquoise is flavored with Hazelnuts, Dark Chocolate, and Valencia Oranges.

Golden! Our Panna Cotta flavored with Lemon and then covered with a Nip Honey Gelee

Ooooh, Mango and Orange Moussse, with just a sprinkle of Gold Dust!

Presenting our Hazelnut, Raspberry, and Bacon! Tiramisu.
Made with Marscapone Cheese, fresh Raspberries, Chambord, and our special Bacon! Ladyfingers

Anyone for a Marilyn Monroe Cocktail? Made with the finest Champagne, Brandy, and a splash of Grenadine.

Of course
 Diamonds are still a
Girl's Best Friend!
(So, I guess that makes you all Diamonds!)

Thanks once again for visiting the Flicka da Cookie Cafe.
We hope you have enjoyed our selections for the
Anipal Academy Awards Pawpawty.
Please remember to visit the Jaba Jazz Bar & eCafe,
and if you can, to please donate to our wonderful charity.
Thanks again,
flicka47, sadlovelyheart, & marshallsheldon

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