Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tropical Pawadise Pawpawty

It's Just Another Day In Pawadise!

"Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine..."

Welcome to the Tropical Pawadise Cookie Cafe

We have some wonderful tropical treats here for you today, please enjoy as many as you like and be sure to share with friends! Our charity shelter for this #pawpawty is Second Chance . Please visit their website to see all the wonderful things they do for animals. You can donate by using the widget in the sidebar to the right if you'd like. Please don't worry if you can't donate, we have more than enough cookies for everyone! So please order as many as you'd like! But it's a wonderful shelter, helping a lot of animals, so if you have an extra buck or two...

Also be sure and visit the Jaba Jazz Bar And eCafe , where I'm sure Java and all her wonderful barktenders have some great tropical treats for all of us!
Check out the Gift Shoppe too, you're going to find some wonderful momentos of the
Tropical Pawadise Pawpawty!
And now, Cookie Cafe Presents
Tropical Pawpawdise!

Here is our Mango Orange Mousse Fruit Tart. Nicely cool with just a hint of Salmon.

Now what could be more Tropical than a Pineapple Cookie? Plain or flavored with Bacon! (extra flowers for our rodent friends!)

Another wonderfully cool treat! Coconut Bacon! Gellato

Down on the beach, you will find our Bacon! Stands.

Please enjoy our Chocolate Covered Bacon! In the five piece, ten piece, or our most popular size, the forty piece platter!

And how about a nice cool Lime Mojito? Comes in a Souvenir Glass with a Bacon! Swizzle Stick! (or eat the flowers if you are so inclined!)
Here we have our Passionfruit Kiwi Flan with a Lemon Nip Carmel Glaze

Is this little guy coming to join us at the Tropical Pawadise Pawpawty?

Take your pick! Our Fruit Flavored Marzipan Cookies. Strawberry Mahi-Mahi, Orange Chicken, and Bacon! Peach are just some of our great choices.      Get a large combo platter to share with friends on the beach!

One of our most popular treats, The Bacon! Cheeseburger Cookie! Especially good with our Bar-B-Que dipping sauce made with Hank's Bacon! Beer

"Surf City, Here we come!" These tasty little sugar cookies will get you in the Tropical Pawadise mood! 

Oh! Our ever popular Bacon! Scallop Cookies! With a special Lemon Nip Buttercreme Frosting

How about a platter of these little guys? Tuna and Lemon Shortbread Cookies, get a "school" of them to share!

Here we have my all time favorite! The Bacon! Snicker...     doodle Cookie! Served with a special FrugalDougal mug of Ice-cold Milk, Coffee or Tea.

Of course, for those who would rather drink some bubbly, we do have some super tasty Armand de Brignac Champagne. How can it get any better than sitting on the beach with an ice cold glass?

OK, it just got better! Champagne and Strawberries or Strawberries and Cream! Enjoy! You're in a Tropical Pawadise!!

Please remember that we have a wonderful shelter we're supporting this Pawpawty.  Second Chance helps many dogs and cats find their forever homes. So, if you can, please help them in their great work!

There's lots more cookies and treats here, but I'm running over to check out the Pawpawty Gift Shoppe (You want to come with me?). While I'm there I'm gonna see if Java has Coconut Bacon! Prawns on the Tropical Pawadise Jaba Jazz Bar and eCafe menu! Yummy!!

Hurry back and check out the rest of out treats!

" Beyond the Reef "

Oh, Sunset on the Beach....
What kinds of super treats do we have for a wonderful evening in a
Tropical Pawadise?
Keep looking, they are here!

Soaked in Tequila for three days, and then carved by the skillful claws of Cookie man, these beautiful Water-   melon Flowers are tasty, and germ free!
These little beauties come with a Chocolate Bacon! shortbread base topped with a Greenies and Mint frosting. Then artfully decorated with 24k gold.
Oh where, oh where are these little guys swimming to? Our Halibut and Bacon! Cookies with our special Lemon and Nip Buttercreme Frosting.
Anybody for a Hank's Bacon! Root Beer? Especially brewed with our younger anipals in mind, full-bodied flavor with just a hint of Bar-B-Que
Created just for our Teddy anipals, but the rest of you will love them too! Our Chocolate and Honey Ganache with a Praline "flake" Shell.
Strutting their stuff on the beach these little tropical beauties are a tasty Lemon Sugar Cookie with our special Nip Frosting.
Oh, look at all the stars! In our Tropical Pawadise you can see millions of stars from the beach. Our special "Stardust" cocktail is made with Blue Agave and a secret ingredient borrowed from @PepiSmartDog!
And what pawpawty would be complete without our Chocolate Bacon! Waffle Cookies! Crunchy with lots of Bar-B-Que Beef flavor!
These little gems are our Red Currant and Berry White Chocolate Mousse Tarts. An elegant way to end your evening on the beach.

We will all spend our Tropical Pawadise evening enjoying the stars, each other,
and the bonfire.

Pull up your chair in the sand, listen to the surf in the background, and the great tunes our DJs are spinning. Bring all your friends, get some cookies, your favorite beverage from our great barktenders, and be sure and grab a Nip Cigar!

Pawpawty is you! All the wonderful anipals that do so much to help others.
Let's all enjoy this Tropical Pawadise!

Thanks Again for visiting the Cookie Cafe
For another Pawpawty.

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