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The Anipal Pawpawty Cruise

"Sailing...takes me away to where I'm going!"

Britannia Beach Sunset

Welcome to the Fail Whale Anipal Cruise Pawpawty Cookie Cafe!
We hope you all have a wonderful time on our cruise, and we have some great treats for everyone to enjoy. Please try as many as you'd like and get some to share with friends. Our charity shelter this time is The Oldies Club in the UK. They find homes for dogs all over the UK that are over the age of seven. If you have some extra change, there is a donation widget over to the right in the sidebar. You will also find some wonderful noms and drinks, and the same widget, over at the Jaba Jazz Bar and eCafe . Be sure to visit!

And now for our great treats!

Before we embark on our cruise here is a special treat for @TheNascarKitty,
who is embarking on his own cruise today.
Love ya Tommy!

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All the anipals will find this lovely greeting basket in their cabins! With Champagne and Bacon! Chocolate, Fruit Snacks, Salmon Chips, Cheese, and Cookies!
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PassionBerry DuoCool and tasty! Berries and Passionfruit Mousse. With Dark and White Chocolate and Bacon! of course!

Ice Cream Cookies

Another tasty cool treat! Ice Cream Cookies in Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, and Bacon!

Finished Platter

Meowjitos and Barkaritas await! Because it's always Five O'Clock Somewhere!

Flower cookie collection 1

These little beauties are elegant enough for the Captain's Table! But you can have some anytime! Lemon and Lavender flowers on a Chocolate and Nip Cookie

cucumbers stuffed with bryndza soft cheese and caviarA special treat for our kitty anipals, who might just like it better than cookies! Cucumbers stuffed with a special Polish Bryndza Cheese mixed with Nip and topped with Caviar!

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Oh! Is this going overboard?  Cherries Jubilee flambed just for you! Made with our own private stash of Brewskiebutt's Bacon! Hooch and sprinkled with Bacon!

The Fail Whale Cruise mix, a special snack treat just for us! Bacon!, Pecans, Pineapple, Sesame Seeds, and Nip!

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simple yet elegant fig dessert
 What a yummy cool treat! Extra sweet Mission Figs stuffed with Marscapone Cheese And sprinkled with Bacon! flavored Almonds.

Yummy! Baked apples topped with a Pecan, Bacon!, Oats, and Cinnamon Crisp. Served warm with a big scoop of Vanilla or Bacon! Ice Cream!

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And how many anipals can fit around this scrumpcious table? DeathByChocolateBacon! Truffle Cakes! There's one for each of us!!


Oh, my! Cookie man and Nip Cream Fudge!...this has all the right ingredients to make our kitty friends purr!

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..Snicker... how about a tasty slice of our Chocolate Bacon! Snickers Bar Cake?

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Please remember to help The Oldies Club! Our Pawpawty shelter charity. You can find a donation link up at the top of this page on the right, or visit the Jaba Jazz Bar and eCafe and use their link (if you find the Fail Whale I bet we can talk Java into turning him into Sushi for ya!!) Be sure and visit the Pawpawty store for some great Pawpawty souvenirs too!

Hey! Wait!! That's the wrong cruise, isn't it?

This is the Marshall Sheldon Cookie ~ Made with extra  Honey and Butter because we all know that Little Bears are a little dinghy for Honey and Butter!...snicker...
Order a couple dozen before those bears eat them all!!

Of course we have some of our all time favorites! Here's our Bacon! Cheeseburger Cookies. Just as tasty as ever! With our own special Bacon! Hooch dipping sauce

Here we have another tasty treat especially for our bear pals, but I sure we will all enjoy! Dutch OlieBollen Donuts! Made with Apples, Raisens, Honey and Cinnamon. I bet Bijntje will approve!

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This is what happens when you tell the Ducks that we have Chocolate Souffle! They try to eat their way out!! But we have plenty for everyone, just be sure and get two extra for your Duck friends!!

(photo courtest of Norwegian Cruise Lines)

Sailboat and Star Cookies
This little regatta should find favor with our crusing anipals! Tuna Boats and Lemon Nip Stars!

Another platter of cookies especially for all those bears that like Nuts and Honey! But all the anipals will enjoy! There's Chocolate Rocky Road with Bacon! Pecan Butter cookies with extra Honey. Lemon Nip with Cranberries, and a honey Meringue with Cinnamon. Enjoy on a moon-lit stroll on the decks with friends!

Oh! how about some very special cocktails ?

The Waverly Place Echo
Named after an alleyway in San Francisco's Chinatown, this cocktail was created by Scott Beattie, the owner of Cyrus in San Francisco.The flavors combine Hangar One mandarin orange  blossom vodka with Chinese five-spice mandarin orange segments. Lemon and Lime zest( and nip for the anipals!) combine for just the right taste!

Of course we have some Armand de Brignac Champagne!! Seved chilled on every deck of the ship! Goes wonderfully with Salmon and Cheese, Strawberries, and of course all of our wonderful treats!
How about one of our tasty Meowjitos! Extra Nip, and a flower garnish for our rodent pals!
There's a million stars to see in the sky at night on our cruise! There's also thousands in our StarDust Cocktail! Made with Blue Agave and a splash of our secret stash of Brewskiebutt's Bacon! Hooch.Served ice cold with a twist of Lime

How about one of our very special Ports-of-Call Bacon! Manhattens? Served with a candied Bacon! swizzle stick!

For our younger anipals, or for those wanting something non-alcoholic we always have Hank's Bacon! Root Beer!  (Yeah we have Hank's Bacon! Beer too!)

Oh, very tasty! Our Blue Seas and Beyond the Reef Cocktails! Blue Curacao and Tequilla make up the basics!
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Well folks we hope you have had a super time on our cruise!
Please donate to Oldies Club if you can.

We have so enjoyed  giving you our cookies and treats for the Fail Whale Cruise!
Bijntje, OllyTed, MarshallSheldon, Cookie man and flicka

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